On The Line

With Audra's life on the line, you need to work fast. Luckily your enemies aren't quite as united as they try to appear.


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Foggy and Matt are arguing about Daredevil's methods – him stepping in against Bullseye will make your enemies a lot more careful. Matt thinks that you can help sow some discord between the trustees. You'll start with Donovan and then move on to the others.
You join up with Donovan and Gavin, who says he was filling in the Professor on what happened with you and Audra. Donovan says that the assassination attempt means Audra will be better prepared for life as a lawyer. Matt interrupts talking about 'a group of students' gathering calling each other 'Bro'. Donovan excuses himself. Stage one has begun!
You enter Madam Masque's building and ride the elevator up. Matt stole a chip from Owl that needs to be dropped to look like it was badly hidden. Matt speaks to Masque's assistant and you knock over a lamp, giving him chance to drop the chip. Head back to his office and he'll join you soon.
Foggy takes you to check on the bug and you hear Madam Masque speaking to Donovan on the phone. She discovers the lamp and the bug, then calls Donovan saying that Owl bugged her office. They're going to meet up at a restaurant, and Foggy tells you to meet him there.
Foggy goes to grab a table at the restaurant while you walk around the block and listen in on Madam Masque and Donovan talking. Donovan suggests tipping off Kingpin. You get contacted by Daredevil who says nobody picked up at the office. Something's wrong.
You meet back up with Daredevil and Foggy at the office, and when you check the room Audra was in, the recording equipment is gone. And the office has been ransacked. Daredevil has a realisation and calls for the intruder to reveal themselves. He introduces Black Widow, a SHIELD spy investigating Harwell. Audra is safe, but they're taking over.


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Griffin Puatu
Matt Murdock (Daredevil)
Samuel Brewer
Caitlin Rowe
Mye'Shawn Lowe
Delvin Green
Masque's Assisstant
Amanda Mahr
Kris Carr
Black Widow
Kristen diMercurio
Ella Watts
Bilal Dardai
Sound Designer
Matt Part