Transform your workout into adventure!
Join 10 million Users in a Fitness Adventure
Marvel MoveZombies, Run!Venture
How it Works
Walk, jog or run anywhere in the world
Hear your workout and music through your headphones
If you’re chased by enemies, you’ll have to speed up!
You’ll automatically collect supplies to trade for trophies or buildings
Dynamic Chases
Get your heart racing with optional enemy chases. Escape to survive!
New Workouts Weekly
You'll never run out of motivation with hundreds of workouts.
Unlock More Story
Collect supplies and emails as you run that tell the deeper story.
Walk, jog, run
Fun at any speed! Outdoor, indoor, and treadmill tracking – we do it all.
10+ million players
Join the biggest smartphone fitness game – ever.
Pro mode
Customise the duration, distance, and music for your workouts.
New Workouts

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