Thomas J. Wansley

1830, New Orleans. You've joined the crew of the Vineyard, headed to Boston, but there are dangerous mutterings below deck.


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The year is 1830, and you're in New Orleans, looking for work on a ship. You're quickly offered work by Gibbs and taken aboard the Vineyard, although Captain Thorn seems less than impressed with you. Gibbs explains that the ship is delivering supplies to the U.S. Navy. There's a bunk below. Go get settled and then head back to deck ready for departure.
You return to deck to find the captain barking orders. He tells you to take the topsails. Gibbs objects to sending a first timer to do such a job since the winds are strong today. Captain Thorn refuses to change his mind, even when Wansley, the ship's cook, offers to do it instead. You start climbing, but slip, only to be caught by Wansley who shows you the safest way to do the job. When you return to deck, Captain Thorn says that Wansley will be punished for disobeying orders with a beating tomorrow morning. Gibbs tells you to go and get some food, and pass a note onto the cook.
You reach the galley and are welcomed by Wansley who feeds you and reads the note that Gibbs sent. Then he asks how you feel about mutiny! You're interrupted by Captain Thorn who sends the crew back to work and threatens Wansley with another ten lashes. When he's left, Wansley expresses that the captain is always harder on the black sailors, and his worries that the captain will try to sell him into slavery. He tells you about the mutiny they've planned. The captain treats them badly, and the sailors aren't comfortable with supplying the U.S. military. Don't let the captain know, and they'll be counting on your support when the time comes.
You head onto the deck after dark, and encounter Captain Thorn, drinking from a bottle. He says he hopes you aren't fooled by Wansley, and talks about the 'good old days', when people knew their place, when now, anyone can join a crew. He finishes his drink and tells you to head back below decks to ride out the storm.
You're woken by Gibbs who tells you that it's time. You assemble on deck, and are confronted by Captain Thorn. Wansley challenges Thorn to a duel. They both draw swords, and begin to fight. Captain Thorn cheats and draws a pistol, but Wansley manages to disarm him. While he offers to let Thorn live if he takes a smaller boat and leaves now, Thorn says he'd rather die. Wansley obliges and runs him through. Wansley thanks the crew and says he'll speak more at the morning address.
At morning address, Wansley thanks the crew for their support, and names Gibbs as the quartermaster. You'll also be changing course to dock at Providence rather than Boston, after which you will be free to stay or leave, and will be compensated fairly for your labour. After the crew is dismissed, Wansley asks to speak to you privately. Wansley explains that he and Gibbs have been pirating together for years. They see the new U.S. as just as corrupt as the British Crown, another Imperial power. The President owns slaves! They chose this ship to deny munitions to the navy, as their resistance.
The lookout says that the navy is approaching, and the Vineyard is too slow to outrun them. You don't know who might have known Captain Thorn, so posing as him is unlikely to work. Your only choice is to keep moving, and put those munitions to good use!
You help Gibbs stack barrels of black powder together while the rest of the crew sets out in the smaller boats away from the approaching navy ships. You use a rope to set a fuse, and then leave in your own boat and are far away by the time the Vineyard explodes.


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Captain Thorn
Will de Renzy-Martin
Nathan Nolan
Six to Start Ensemble
Thomas J. Wansley
Jerry Myre
Jess Erion
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam