Jacquotte Delahaye

The Late 1600s, the Caribbean. You join Jacquotte Delahaye on a mission to deliver a vital treasure! But there's worse things than pirates out at sea.


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It's the late 1600s, and you are the lieutenant of the notorious pirates Laurens de Graff and Anne Dieu-le-Veut. You're introduced to the famous Jacquotte Delahaye in secret. She has been playing dead for a couple of years, but now she needs transport to a nearby island, and the Free Republic. You and Laurens will accompany her.
Before you leave, Anne asks you to be an agent of reason on that boat – Laurens and Jacquotte are both stubborn and reckless. She talks about how important the Free Republic is, and tells you to meet the ship at Port Royal when you've completed your mission. On the boat, Laurens teases you and Jacquotte tells you to secure the precious cargo.
Laurens's fleet is out of sight now, but you're far from safe. There's a storm blowing in from the south. Jacquotte refuses to change course and you lash down your belongings. As the storm rolls in, you have to take in the sails to prevent them from being lost in the strong wind. A rough wave sends you overboard, into the stormy ocean.
You wake on the deck of the boat. Jacquotte dived into the ocean to save you. Unfortunately, the boat is missing its mast so it will be slow going. Jacquotte tells you about her past. Her mother was a slave and was sold just after her brother was born. Their mother hid them, but they were quickly found and their mother killed in front of them. Jacquotte and her brother eventually escaped, and founded the Free Republic. It's why it's so important to get this cargo where it needs to be. On the horizon you spot a Spanish flag. This near to Port Royal, it's likely to be thieves.
They'll be on you in a few minutes! Jacquotte hides beneath some of the canvas with a pistol. Laurens talks to the pirates, who claim they're planning to sell sugar at Port Royal. Jacquotte does not give them time to draw weapons, and shoots them. You now have possession of another boat, with a working mast and sails!
Jacquotte tells you about the next obstacle you have to traverse: the reef! The Free Republic is a well-kept secret and its last line of defence is a deadly coral reef in the shallow water around the island. It can tear a hull to shreds. She isn't sure if this boat will deliver you intact – it's a risk. See if you can find a way to reinforce the hull.
While you search for materials to reinforce the hull, Laurens tells you about how he and Anne became friends and allies of Jacquotte. Unfortunately the barrels are full of gunpowder or rope, nothing useful in your current predicament. It's too late in any case. You're on the reef! The coral tears into the hull and a jolt sends the precious cargo over the side. Despite the danger, you jump overboard to retrieve it and Laurens follows after you. You retrieve the chest, although it's a bit damaged, and the boat is starting to sink! Laurens has a plan, though.
The hastily constructed raft is holding together and you're nearly at the dock. Jacquotte examines the chest and says you've lost a small fortune, but there are several large fortunes in pearls still inside. You reach the dock and disembark. Jacquotte introduces her brother, Antoine, one of the leaders here. Welcome to the Free Republic!


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Anne Dieu-Le-Veut
Anne-Sophie Marie
Antoine Delahaye
Six to Start Ensemble
Jacquotte Delahaye
Six to Start Ensemble
Laurens De Graff
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Jess Erion
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam