A Dark Night in Dublin

A test run as apprentice to Dublin witch Rosie Collins turns out to be a trial by hellfire. A demon has been loosed from its bindings, and the world is wearing thin!


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You meet Rosie Collins, the witch and bean feasa for the Dublin area. You want to be her apprentice. She's got a tip about some students being foolish at St Mary's Church – otherwise known as the Black Church. Legend says if you run anti-clockwise around it three times at midnight, you'll summon the devil. Dublin is full of legends like that, and places where the world has rubbed thin. Dublin is a tough place to work a spell; you'll have to be flexible and focused. You hear a strange noise, and Rosie begins to run.
You reach the church to find screaming students and the church collapsing. Rosie takes you to the Other Side of Dublin. You're being hunted by the Dolochor, a Dublin mugger, but here, magic has transformed him into a monster. The students – Denise and Seán – explain that they raced around the church to break a tie on a vote, and Rosie tells them that they released the demon Caorthannach. But first, the Dolochor has found you! Run!
You duck into Copper Alley where you meet Dorcas Kelly, who tells you to take the Poddle tunnel under the city to get to Christ Church. The only way to trap Caorthannach again is to ring the bells of Christ Church before sunrise. You try to access the tunnel, but the entrance is sealed shut, and Rosie can't transport you all again so soon. Caorthannach has found you though, so it's up to you. Pull them through the thin place!
You've arrived! But it isn't Christ Church. It's the Hellfire Club! In the 1800s, rich men did black magic here, and it's a twisted place. Denise says she knows the way out and runs. Dorcas snarls and attacks Seán. You hold her off with a witch bottle, while Rosie tries to reason with her. Caorthannach is in her head. Rosie goes to find Denise, and Seán runs after her. Dorcas tells you to go and find Rosie too, so Caorthannach can't track you through her!
Rosie pulls you all through the thin place, closer to Christ Church. You bandage Seán's arm, but you need to keep moving and Rosie can't move you again. If Caorthannach finds you before you reach the cathedral, you'll have to carry everyone the rest of the way.
The storm is coming, and Caorthannach with it. Rosie guides you to find the feeling of Christ Church, and you manage to pull everyone there. You're in the crypt, which should be safe... except for the rats. Run!
Caorthannach is at the doors, and you need to get the bells. The demon has to cross the threshold, so Rosie says she'll hold Caorthannach off. Seán tells Denise to climb the wall to reach the bells. Rosie is in bad shape, and tells you to distract the demon while Denise climbs. You can hold it away with your mind – your belief is the blade! Run! Run her down!
The world has been set to rights. Last night never happened. Denise and Seán head off and Rosie congratulates you. She wonders if you actually had bandages in your bag, or if you just decided that you did. She tells you about the Lough Derg sword of Dublin. The original is in the National Museum, rotting, but the gleaming sword of myth still exists. You reach into your bag and withdraw the sword. Welcome to Dublin!


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Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Dorcas Kelly
Six to Start Ensemble
Rosie Collins
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Méabh de Brún
Ella Watts
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam