Routine Inspection

A routine inspection of the cave system turns into a race to save the dinosaurs when a mysterious plane makes its approach.


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Your job today is to go and collect some fresh samples from Cavern 3. There's a lot to do but very little time because funding is running out. After he got research students to try to steal a dinosaur egg, Chester Baddington has badmouthed the project to his billionaire friends and they've stopped supporting the Extremobiology Society. Better make the most of the time that's left!
Emma laments the loss of funding while you head to the cavern. Marguerite interrupts to tell you that she needs you to head towards the entrance to the caves. She's detected an inbound aircraft and she wants you to intercept it, blocking off the tunnel until you know it's safe.
It's hard going through the giant ferns and Marguerite tries to hurry you along. You narrowly avoid stepping into a dinosaur latrine. Better pick up the pace!
You'll take the zipline through the next cavern to avoid the Triceratops herd. You get into the harness, but there's a small earthquake, which makes the herd stampede. You're fine, but they destroyed the zipline tethers! The plane is circling and looking to land, so Marguerite asks you to continue.
Thankfully the Triceratops herd have worn themselves out so you're able to pass through the cavern. The plane has touched down and is taxiing towards Ice Base 1 so you need to hurry. Even worse, it's Chester Baddington's private jet.
Watch your head! The Flyers like to nest in here. You discuss why Baddington might be here. The Flyers start to swarm, but you drive them off with some loud music. Marguerite tells you that they're unloading huge crates from the plane, big enough for an entire mid-size dinosaur!
You're nearly at the entrance and it's getting colder, but there's no time to change gear. You are greeted by Chester Baddington himself, delivering cutting-edge cameras and drones because he wants to capture the new T-rex hatching on film. He berates you and calls the team incompetent. He will be staying on his jet, of course, but he will be watching you. And there's nothing you can do because he's now the person funding you!


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Andrea Phillips
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam