Dinosaur Dash: 10K

Use all the tools at your disposal to make it across prehistoric terrain, avoid angry dinos, and rescue a T-Rex egg from poachers.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Marguerite tells you that she had noticed unusual behaviour from the dinos, and Try had left his screen on and she noticed a message to Chester Baddingholt, the funder of the expedition. He's been trying to persuade Marguerite to turn over specimens to his personal collection. Marguerite had confronted her grad students, who took down the radio network and tied her up. They're going to drill through the ice to steal the T-rex egg, and that could bring down the whole cave system!
The zip line to cavern 3 has been cut so you'll have to climb down the ice and hammer in new pitons as you go.
Cavern 3 is hard going because of the mud, and Marguerite is bleeding! It's a shallow knife wound, but the exertion must have made it worse. You persuade her to stay behind because the injury will slow you down. You and Emma can take care of this!
One of the T-rexes is in your way, and Grant suspects that she might have been lured there to keep her away from the eggs. If you move quietly and steadily, then she probably won't notice you.
You're making good time, but you still need to figure out which T-rex nest they're going to steal from. You find a scrap of one of the grad students' backpacks so they definitely came through here. You give the scrap to Watson to sniff and then follow her.
Marguerite talks to you over the radio and says they could have lured the T-rexes away from the nests by using an audio transmitted. The T-rexes are attracted to a high pitched frequency. And a duck-quacking sound makes them angry. You're interrupted by Flyers coming after you, but you scare them off by playing a loud sound from your phone.
Grant tells you that he's spotted one of the poachers on the cameras. If you ford the hot springs, you'll be able to catch up. Better hold your nose to cross though!
You're close to the T-rex nest and can see the poachers and the drill. The grad students notice you and Emma tries to talk to them, but they're determined to get the money, and to expose the existence of dinosaurs. When you try to get to them, Troy destroys the ice bridge. You'll have to go the long way.
The poachers have started drilling, and the vibrations are knocking icicles down from the cave ceiling. You can't go into a physical fight with the poachers, but Emma has an idea. Remember that T-rexes get angry when they hear duck-quacking sounds? Get one of those sound files ready.
The poachers are close by, and they're drilling right next to the nest. grant tells you that the sound trigger worked. The female T-rex is tracking you and moving very quickly. Keep running!
The T-rex is right on your heels! When you get to the nest, you need to turn the drill off immediately.
You've made it to the nest and the T-rex chases after the poachers when they start to run. You smash the drill's control box and return the egg to the nest. Now to get somewhere safer. The poachers will probably be fine. They just need to find a hole to hide in. Grant has already alerted law enforcement. Marguerite thanks you for saving the T-rex egg. And it's time to return to the base.


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Andrea Phillips
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam