Into The Arctic 5K

Welcome to Ice Base 1! Join a top secret research project in the heart of the Arctic and make an amazing discovery. But is there more going on than meets the eye?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You are welcomed to Ice Base 1 by Emma Engstrom and her father, Grant, who are researching the dinosaurs inhabiting caves under the Arctic ice. They're working to understand the ecosystem and keep it safe. Normally you'd have a few days to adjust, but they can't get in touch with the researchers at Ice Base 2, including Emma's mum, Marguerite Engstrom. It may be equipment failure, but if you can't get the transmitter working, they'll need to fetch the team out. Emma will go with you, with Grant on radio. It's warm inside the caves, but to get there you'll need to cross the Arctic ice.
You reach the cave entrance and head inside. Cavern 1 is filled with lush vegetation, a little bubble of the Cretaceous. You set up a temporary transmitter so that Grant can track you inside. Even with the temporary transmitter though, you can't get hold of the other team. You need to head further in.
Grant is struggling to see you in the jungle cavern. You hear something moving, and encounter Watson, Marguerite Engstrom's dog. With Watson running away, and the transmitter going down, things are starting to get worrying. You manage to spot your first dinosaur though, a species that looks a bit like a rabbit and have been nicknamed 'Hoppers'. The dog becomes agitated, begins to bark and runs away towards the dinosaurs.
You catch up with Watson and manage to get a leash onto her collar. Grant warns you that a Tyrannosaur is nearby and getting closer, although is outside its usual range. You manage to hide under some of the foliage and thankfully avoid the gaze of the T-rex.
You get clear of the T-Rex and spot some flying dinosaurs above. Emma mentions that the feathers would be worth thousands on the black market. The flying dinosaurs should be very shy, but they begin to attack you. You make some noise and thankfully manage to scare them off, but they're behaving very oddly.
Watson finds a nest of one of the flying dinosaurs, and it's filled with eggs. Emma wonders if that's why they were angry, you were too close to the nest, but Grant insists that Marguerite managed to measure all thirty-eight eggs without any trouble. Emma points out that there are only a dozen eggs in the nest, and some of them are broken. You're attacked by the flying dinosaurs again, and Emma gets injured. The radio transmitter is close by though, and there's a shelter there.
You reach the shelter and hide from the dinosaurs. You inspect the transmitter and discover that the wires have been cut. You manage to fix it and briefly hear Troy, one of the grad students working on the project, but he doesn't answer you. You'll need to head to Ice base 2 to find out what's going on.


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Andrea Phillips
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam