Dinos on Ice 5K

A sabotaged transmitter, a missing research team, and a cavern full of dinosaurs! Can you make it to Ice Base 2 in one piece?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You've got about 5km to go, and it won't be easy, especially if someone is working against you. The main suspects are Marguerite's graduate students. One of them, Lynn, was probably spreading rumours about this place, and neither of them are returning next year. The fastest way takes you past the herd of triceratops. They're huge, and can't be scared off with loud noises. Get running!
This cavern is like. a grassy plain, and you can hear the triceratops in the distance, not to mention smell them. They're bad tempered so you want to avoid them by following the wall to your left where you'll find an ice ledge which circles the cavern. The herd is moving though so you need to hurry!
You can see the herd nearby and they've spotted you! You manage to scramble up onto the ice ledge out of reach, but they could potentially bring you down if they bash the wall a few times. Better get moving!
The triceratops are keeping pace, but the mist is thicker now so they can't see you. Watson the dog is sniffing at some plants growing from the wall, and Grant tells you to check them out. There's Marguerite's camera in there, and there's blood on it! The camera has been erased too. You need to keep going.
There's an explosion which collapses the ice ledge and dumps you onto the cavern floor. Grant suspects it was a trap set off by motion detectors. The explosion has upset the triceratops so you need to get moving again and quickly!
One of the big triceratops notices you, and it sees you as a threat. You're only hope is to make it to the tunnel where the triceratops can't fit!
You make it to the passage in the nick of time! You make it to Ice Base 2 but find that there's no-one there, but all the equipment is in good condition. Watson dashes into the research tent and you follow after. In the tent you find Marguerite tied up. You free her, and she tells you that the grad students have sold you out to poachers, and now they're going for a T-rex egg! They're going to drill through the ceiling to get it out, and it could bring down the entire cavern system and kill all of the dinosaurs!


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Andrea Phillips
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam