Lost Souls

As apprentice to the Godmaker you learn how to create idols for the people of the Necropolis. But something is hiding in the ossuaries – and the idols are awakening.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Bywyd, apprentice Sun priest, arrives at the house of the Godmaker to ask for help. A pilgrim is lost in the Sun Temple ossuaries and Bywyd has been sent to beg the Godmaker's help in finding them. The Godmaker provides Bywyd with an idol of the Household God of Spiders and Lost Wanderers to help find the pilgrim. The Godmaker also sends you, her apprentice, because you have a delivery to make. Bywyd is excited; he hasn't seen you in ages. You can run the Nesh Wall!
You climb onto the Nesh Wall, the line of coffins that runs around the city. Bywyd tells you that the Sun Temple is huge, with many sub-basements that most people don't get to see. You see a big funeral procession heading towards the city. A coffin keeper explains that now the war is over your city will be busy taking care of the dead from both sides. You reach the florist and hand over an idol from the Godmaker. The florist, Mr Celeste, asks Bywyd why the city worships the sun but not the moon. Bywyd explains that the Moon Goddess is dead and that Mr Celeste can learn more at the Eclipse celebrations in a few days. Mr Celeste thanks you and you head off to find the lost pilgrim.
You avoid the mourners by ducking into a side street and meet Koko, an apprentice stitcher, who helps take care of the bodies of the dead. She's heading back with clean laundry for the stitchers and tells you that the launderer is very pleased with the idol that the Godmaker gave them. Bywyd wonders what the Godmaker carves the idols out of. Koko says that while she was cleaning, she found an ancient book wrapped in a bloody sheet and she's been learning a lot from it. Bywyd hurries you along. The sun is starting to go down and the sidereal told him to rescue the pilgrim before sundown. You reach the gate to the ossuaries and Asta, Bywyd's sidereal, ushers you inside. You don't have much time!
You enter the ossuaries and begin to look for the pilgrim. Koko has never been inside and is surprised to find bones embedded in the ground. She also notices a single giant bone in the ceiling. The idol the Godmaker gave you moves and points the way. It seems to be getting darker – even the torches are fading. Bywyd says that there are stories about ghosts in the ossuaries, but they're not separate ghosts – they're part of one big ghost. You hear someone calling out for help.
You find Finn, the lost pilgrim, but realise that Bywyd has vanished and there's a shadow moving towards you. You start to run, but Bywyd calls out and says that the shadow has him. Koko gets Finn back to safety while you pull out another idol. It emits a great light that drives away the shadow creature. You leave the glowing idol on the ground and run.
You catch up with Koko and Finn, but you aren't safe yet. You hear a sound from deep in the ossuaries and the ground begins to shake, causing a cave-in. Finn is knocked out, but you manage to make it to the gate where you are greeted by Asta and the Godmaker. The Godmaker knows you must have been in grave danger to use two idols. When you used the glowing idol, every god in the city activated and there is a lot of divine energy swirling around. You'll need to stay alert. Things aren't over yet.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Amy Rockson
Rhys Lannon
Coffin Keeper
Six to Start Ensemble
Joshua Riley
Ghostly Voice
Six to Start Ensemble
Sorcha Brooks
Julianna Kurokawa
Mr Celeste
Chris Lateano
Mur Lafferty
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam