Dark Horizon

The arrival of guests to the Necropolis spells danger for your friends.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Bywyd visits you and the Godmaker and says that the Grand Sidereal wishes to speak with you both about an ancient agreement between the godmakers and the Sun Temple. Asta arrives to escort you to the temple, with Koko in tow. You're interrupted by a horn announcing the arrival of a retinue from the North – and they don't look like they're here to tend to the dead. Asta tells Bywyd and Koko to intercept the visitors and escort them to the temple. The Godmaker gives you another idol and tells you to hide it as you accompany them.
You run the Nesh Wall to reach the visitors while Koko explains that the idol you used looked a lot like a sun idol. The godmakers had agreed never to make those. The visitors carry a flag showing the moon in various stages and they're all armed. You intercept them and explain that you're there to escort them. Their leader, Maxine, says that they're from the Blood Moon Temple in the North and they're here to find the Prince of the West. Bywyd reveals to you that the pilgrim you rescued, Finn, is the prince. As you guide the visitors towards the temple, Koko tells you to run ahead to warn Finn.
One of the launderers accosts you as you head back and asks you to take some laundry back to the temple. She also asks if you're going to keep the secret prince safe. The idol she's been using has told her a lot, including that she should give you an item. It turns out to be a silk scarf with a sun and moon pattern. She tells you that the Necropolis is on shaky political ground and if the North threatens conquest, the prince will make a good bargaining chip. You hurry on your way when you hear the procession approaching.
You reach the Godmaker and Asta and explain who the visitors are and what they want. Asta says that she can't grant sanctuary to an exile, but she can order Bywyd to transfer an injured patient to a quieter room. You and Bywyd find Finn and explain the situation. You decide to head to one of the sub-basements that Koko mentioned to try to keep him safe.
Bywyd explains the significance of the Eclipse celebration to Finn and why they're going to hide in the stitcher rooms. Anyone who isn't from the Necropolis will find the work they do there distasteful and the Blood Moon monks are less likely to look there. You hear Maxine in the distance ordering people to look for Finn. Better keep moving!
You reach an empty dissection room where you should be safe. Finn explains that the North demanded him as a hostage to keep his sister, the Queen of the West, in line. Her spies discovered that they wanted to sacrifice Finn to keep his people in line and she told him to run. In the room you find an ancient-looking book and meet up with Koko. The book contains old myths and stories about the Moon Goddess that aren't commonly told. It suggests that the mountain around which the Necropolis is built is the body of the Moon Goddess herself and that the correct ritual could bring her back. You are found by the Grand Sidereal and Maxine, but Koko attacks them and gives you chance to escape into the mountain.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Amy Rockson
Rhys Lannon
Joshua Riley
Sorcha Brooks
Grand Sidereal
Joshua Manning
Important Voice 1
Six to Start Ensemble
Important Voice 2
Six to Start Ensemble
Julianna Kurokawa
Hannah Raymond-Cox
Dr. Maxine Myers
Sally Orrock
Mur Lafferty
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam