Are plans being made to help you, or hinder?


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You reach the Godmaker's house. All of the idols are glowing. The Godmaker takes the book from Finn and invites you all to hide there until tomorrow. You can be smuggled out of the city and they can begin removing the corruption from the temple. She explains that the idols act as a pressure release for the build up of divine energy around the mountain, which could destroy the city. You explain that the Blood Moon monks are planning to sacrifice Koko and the Godmaker asks you and Bywyd to sneak into the Temple and find her. The Godmaker has plans to make.
You reach the city square and see the Blood Moon monks preparing for the Eclipse festival. You overhear Asta trying to persude the Grand Sidereal to ignore Maxine's plans for the ritual without success. Asta spots you and asks you to trust her. You need to speak where you can't be overheard.
Asta says that Koko is safe, but the people in the temple are too scared of the Blood Moon monks to oppose their plans. Asta plans to convince the Grand Sidereal that they should replicate the original ceremony and have a representative of the Sun and Moon run a race. But first you need to talk to the Godmaker.
The Godmaker is waiting for you. She gives you an idol and says that you will have to run with Koko during the race. Bywyd argues that you can't trust the Godmaker and will risk everyone's lives, but the Godmaker says that this is the best chance to restore the Moon Goddess and make amends. Asta says that Koko is heavily guarded, so you won't be able to sneak in and rescue her. The Godmaker tells you to return to the temple and get captured, then she and Asta will handle the rest.
Finn gives you Sun priest robes to disguise yourself and says that the Godmaker isn't telling you everything. There were often sacrifices during the historic races and Finn worries that the Godmaker might accept someone dying. You run through the tunnels and throw the spider idol into the lake, which begins to glow more brightly. You encounter Koko, who has escaped from captivity. Finn gives her an idol from the Godmaker to keep hidden. You're captured in a net by Maxine who had followed Koko. Finn runs to get help, while Maxine takes you back to the Temple.
Koko is angry that she led the Blood Moon monks to you and examines the idol that you gave her. Outside the cell you hear the Godmaker and Asta talking with Maxine and the Grand Sidereal. She says that you were a disappointment, but she wants to restore the Moon Goddess. Maxine insists that there be a sacrifice and the Godmaker agrees; the loser of the great race will be sacrificed!


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Amy Rockson
Rhys Lannon
Joshua Riley
Sorcha Brooks
Grand Sidereal
Joshua Manning
Julianna Kurokawa
Dr. Maxine Myers
Sally Orrock
Mur Lafferty
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam