The Great Race

The Rising of the Moon


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You and Koko are being escorted by hooded sidereals who turn out to be Bywyd and Finn. They cut your restraints and tell you to keep the idols you have hidden. Bywyd says that when you're told to run, you should loop back to the Temple and go through the basements. Finn thinks you can trust the Godmaker and the plan, but you'll need to be quick.
The Grand Sidereal and the Godmaker speak to the crowd gathered to the festival and explain what will happen. Meanwhile, Bywyd and Finn prepare you for the race. They'll release you when the effigies catch fire. You'll need to hold the idol the Godmaker gave you while you run. Bywyd nicks your thumb to release a drop of blood onto the idol. The effigies burst into flames and you feel a bright presence enter you as you begin to glow.
You have become the vessel of the Sun God and Koko is the vessel of the Moon Goddess. The gods begin to race, amused at the monks' attempts to catch up with them. The mountain teems with energy and you hear voices coming from the tunnels beneath the Temple. The race continues!
Koko tries to struggle against the Moon Goddess possessing her, but the gods are too strong. They head into the mountains in search of the idols created by the Godmaker. Maxine attempts to capture you, not realising what's happened, but she is horribly burned and blinded by the Sun God when she grabs you. You continue to run, with the gods seeking to restore the Moon Goddess's power.
You reach the lake inside the mountain and the Godmaker greets you, carrying all of the idols that she can. She throws the idols into the lake and instructs you to do the same. This releases the Moon Goddess's power, making her whole. The gods leave you and Koko, and the Godmaker tells you to run as the mountain and the Temple begin to crumble.
Asta, Bywyd, and Finn help you out of the rubble caused by the Moon Goddess coming into her power. You're where the Godmaker's cabin used to be. They tell you that the Temple collapsed and the Grand Sidereal and his supporters were locked up in the temple when it fell. The gods received a lot of sacrifices tonight. Bywyd asks what you're supposed to do now. The Temple is gone and the Moon Goddess and Sun God are back. Finn suggests that you could establish a new Moon Temple, now that the Blood Moon monks have been left leaderless. But for now, you deserve a rest and a good meal!


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Amy Rockson
Rhys Lannon
Joshua Riley
Sorcha Brooks
Grand Sidereal
Joshua Manning
Julianna Kurokawa
Moon Goddess
Six to Start Ensemble
Sun God
Niall Macgregor
Dr. Maxine Myers
Sally Orrock
Mur Lafferty
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam