Mary Woolich 1703–1764

Welcome to Dead Men's Shoes, your ghoulish graveside guide to British cemeteries! Why don't you take a walk and get to know some of the residents of Pittford Cemetery?

Content Warning: This episode contains horror themes and events that may be unsuitable for younger players.


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Welcome to Dead Men's Shoes, a podcast guide to British cemeteries. Today you're walking through Pittford Cemetery, and there will be an interview with Dr Cozen, an expert on the Pittford Estate. It was established in the 17th century as a private burial ground for the nearby Pittford Hall.
You walk along a long line of tombstones. Very few of the Pittford family are actually buried here, surprisingly. Instead, the grounds are filled with a strange assortment of local denizens. Are you ready for the ghastly tale of Mary Woolich?
Here we see the grave of Mary Woolich, who was buried in 1764. The podcast audio degrades and you hear a new voice. She insults you but seems more interested when she realises that you can hear her. She tells you to focus on her voice, and to imagine her figure, and slowly her voice becomes clearer. It has been a long time since someone with the touch has been here.
Old Mary introduces herself, and talks about how her headstone lies about her being at peace. She felt drawn towards this hill, where something is very wrong, and she knows that you feel it too.
Old Mary tells you about her life as a weaver, and the visions of death and suffering that plagued her. When she spoke to the other villagers, they laughed at her at first, until her visions came to pass. She was forced to move to a different town. Mary learned to remain silent about her visions – and her delight at knowing the grim fates of those around her.
Old Mary found the visions intoxicating and powerful, and found herself enjoying the misfortune of those she saw in them. The visions became stronger when she entered this cemetery, and on nights when the moon was dark she would come here to weave.
Old Mary was noticed finally by the townspeople, who executed her in a horrific way. They buried her in the spot where she was killed and raised the gravestone to mock her. She thanks you though, for listening to her story.
Mary thanks you for your company, and tells you to return another day. There are others here who would like to speak to you. Her voice fades, and your podcast returns at the end of Dr Cozen's interview. Don't forget to subscribe and check out the Patreon!


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