ROT 721–

Pittford Cemetery has many stories to tell, and now, you're part of it, whether you want it or not.

Content Warning: This episode contains horror themes and events that may be unsuitable for younger players.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Again you have returned! Old Mary was worried you wouldn't get in when the chain was put around the gate. If you want to know the truth of the graveyard, then follow her voice. She guides you to an ancient black stone that marks the resting place of the thing that holds the ghosts here. It is called ROT. Perhaps you can stop it. You're their last hope.
ROT is ancient and lures people who can hear its call. Mary helps you picture ROT, the twisted, seeping creature that haunts even the dead. It begins to speak to you. If you try to run it will simply kill you. You will walk the graveyard paths together.
You reach Old Mary's grave, and ROT talks about how it destroyed her life with visions that she could not prevent, and when she fled to the graveyard, and the mob killed her, ROT ate her soul. And then it had a new voice with which to lure the unwary.
The real Thomas Pittford was much worse than the version ROT showed you. The people who took his life were his friends, and he created the games they played. They killed any strangers who might cross the estate. When he began to scare his friends, they turned on him.
The gate seems so close, but you will never make it before ROT kills you. Sister Judith truly believed her visions were from God. When ROT stripped her of the visions, she realised how much she needed them... and she only regained them after proving to the Abbess and Archbishop that her visions of their ghastly fates were real. She could not survive long, but ROT ate well all the same. You hear the sound of a phone call through your headphones. The person tells you not to let on that you can hear them.
ROT gloats about how it lured you and kept you returning. The person on the phone thinks they can help you escape if you do what they say. When they tell you to run, you must make you mind completely blank and get across the wall. ROT rants about how it was summoned here by the mistake of a Pictish mystic, and that when it finally kills you, it will be strong enough to escape.
The person on the phone gives the signal, and you run. ROT is unable to find you with your mind blank. The person introduces himself as Dr Cozen, a parapsychologist. He's been investigating the cemetery, and must go soon before ROT senses him, but he asks for your help. You might be the only person who can destroy ROT. Meet here in two days at noon. And bring a hammer!


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Six to Start Ensemble
Dead Chorus
Six to Start Ensemble
Dr. Cozen
Six to Start Ensemble
Old Mary
Six to Start Ensemble
Jonathan Sims
Sister Judith
Fay Roberts
Six to Start Ensemble
Jonathan Sims
Ella Watts
Sound Designer
Matt Part