Welcome to Hotel Argos

Welcome to the Riviera! With the unveiling of a brand new instrument, the Hotel Argos hopes to revitalise its fortunes, but not everyone seems happy about the prospect.


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You arrive at the Hotel Argos and your new job as the bellhop. You meet Aubrey, the owner of the hotel, who provides you with his list of requirements. They include an impeccable uniform and complete silence. He explains that tonight, Jean-Luc Wen, the Voice of the Riviera, will host a show from this very hotel, where Aubrey will unveil a steam calliope and attract more visitors. He hurries you along to meet Rowena, the hotel's mechanic.
You enter the kitchen and meet Rowena and Marcella, the hotel's chef. Rowena takes you on a tour of the hotel. It has six floors, with the boiler in the basement. There are only eight guest rooms, which means a couple of cancellations leave half the hotel empty. Rowena says that's why Aubrey is so keen on the calliope. to draw in guests. You hear a bell ring, summoning you to work.
You arrive in the lobby with Rowena. Aubrey orders you both to take over carrying in the calliope from Bach, the calliope player, and Mr G., the gardener. You and Rowena move the calliope inside.
You and Rowena lug the calliope upstairs, but Aubrey stops you before you can get it up to the roof. You run into Lord Stovern and the Duchess, who had sold the calliope to Aubrey. Stovern is a little put out when the Duchess doesn't remember that he bought the calliope for her as a gift. Aubrey asks if they can store the calliope in the Duchess's room until the unveiling and she agrees. Thankfully it's not that far away.
You finally set down the calliope and Bach lights the firebox so he can demonstrate it. Dr Kitt emerges and seems impressed with the calliope. It's making a hissing noise as it warms up. Bach starts to play. It's incredibly loud and the other guests aren't pleased. Aubrey asks Bach to find a way to stifle it so it isn't so shrill. Bach is annoyed by the request and Rowena humours him as you leave the room.
Aubrey seems to be having second thoughts about the steam calliope. He is confronted by Celia, who is supposed to be singing at the event tonight. She's angry that the calliope will drown out her singing. Aubrey is unsympathetic and tells her to read her contract. He orders you and Rowena to tell Marcella to make a hundred canapés for the event.
Marcella complains about Aubrey's enormous last-minute request. She and Rowena worry about the calliope and how shrill it sounds. Aubrey never should have sold the piano, silverware, or crystal glasses to purchase it. You help Marcella prepare lunch and then head up to the battlements with the food.
You serve lunch to the guests on the battlements. Celia and Bach bicker about the calliope and Bach leaves to prove a point, while Dr Kitt and Lord Stovern discuss geology. Aubrey makes a toast, but is interrupted by Bach yelling. The calliope has vanished!


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David Reed
Torian Brackett
Rosalyn Mitchell
Dr. Kitt
Beth Eyre
Sorcha Brooks
Jon Chew
Lord Stovern
Clive Riches
Asha Cluer
Robyn Holdaway
Jessica Wright Buha
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam