Up the Wobbly Squeaker

The calliope is missing and the grand soirée is under threat! Who has an alibi and who has a motive to want the calliope gone?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Aubrey offers money to whoever finds the calliope and Bach accuses everyone of taking it, demanding alibis. Aubrey tells Rowena to ask Marcella to make a pudding flambé. He then orders you to go to the lobby to retrieve a small metal box and bring it to the Queen's Quarters.
You bring the box to Aubrey, who reveals it to be a fingerprint dusting kit. His first attempt fails because of the breeze through the open window. He wants to dust the wardrobe, but the Duchess objects. Aubrey agrees to only test the window. He says the Duchess should go back to the battlements to try the pudding flambé, which he sends you to fetch.
In the kitchen, Rowena demonstrates the dumbwaiter that you can use to get the pudding and brandy to the battlements. She and Marcella speculate about who took the calliope. Rowena wishes she could listen in to the guests, and hits on the idea to send you up to eavesdrop in the dumbwaiter! Better squeeze in!
Rowena says she'll stop you on every floor for a short time. If anyone tries to open the dumbwaiter door, hold it shut. You hear various guests going about their business. Aubrey has found a fingerprint. The Duchess and Aubrey try to open the dumbwaiter but you stop them and they leave for the battlements. Then Bach approaches the dumbwaiter and yanks the door open.
Bach formally introduces himself to you and suggests that you find the calliope together. You open the window and Bach points out a mark on the beach below, as though something has been dragged. You're interrupted by Aubrey who wants to take Bach's fingerprints. The other guests, led by the Duchess, decide to go down to the kitchens. Aubrey orders you to follow them so they don't get into the canapés.
The Duchess insists on fetching quality brandy from the cellar and leads you downstairs. Dr. Kitt explains that she's here to find a particular type of ore and Lord Stovern tells you about how he met the Duchess 65 years ago. You look for the calliope, but find only bags of flour. Aubrey calls down to you, demanding your attendance.
Aubrey takes Rowena's fingerprints, then yours. He's found what he thinks are the thief's fingerprints to compare with. Mr G., the gardener, passes by with a bouquet for the Duchess and Marcella runs it up to her room. Aubrey summons you once again. Has he figured out who the culprit is?
Aubrey insists that the unveiling of the calliope will still go ahead. In front of Rowena and the guests, he declares that you stole the calliope! And you need to return it by tonight or Aubrey will call the police.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
David Reed
Torian Brackett
Rosalyn Mitchell
Dr. Kitt
Beth Eyre
Sorcha Brooks
Lord Stovern
Clive Riches
Asha Cluer
Robyn Holdaway
Jessica Wright Buha
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam