Secrets in the Garden

A rare ore, a missing ladle, and secrets aplenty!


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Rowena and Marcella argue about what Aubrey said. Rowena determines that she'll find the calliope herself! She thinks it must have been taken by Dr Kitt – she heard some suspicious hissing from her room earlier. You hear Dr Kitt outside and sneak to the window to listen in. She's with Lord Stovern. Rowena lends you a cloak to disguise yourself so you can listen in.
Dr Kitt asks Lord Stovern about procuring a hand cart, which Lord Stovern finds suspicious. Marcella calls for you, but before you can get back inside, Celia arrives and mistakes you for Mr G. Celia is also asking about the ore that Dr Kitt was interested in. Marcella gives her a lump of the ore, wondering what it's for. The real Mr G. approaches and you hide in the shrubbery.
Marcella distracts Mr G. and the Duchess arrives and greets them both. As soon as Marcella turns away to take care of a dessert, the Duchess begins talking passionately. She has something locked in her wardrobe and the calliope is taken care of. Now the Duchess and Mr G. can finally be together! Before he leaves, Mr G. notices you and says that you must "beware the bee". Marcella guides you inside just before Aubrey catches you!
Marcella congratulates you on a good job. She heard everything the Duchess said, although she did burn the caramel in the process. Her sterling silver soup ladle also has gone missing. Marcella believes that the Duchess stole the calliope, although Rowena is sceptical. They try to work out what "beware the bee" means and if it refers to the insect or the letter. The bell rings, summoning you, and Rowena and Marcella accompany you upstairs.
As you approach, you hear Aubrey asking the Duchess to leave the hotel because he doesn't want people to see the failure of the night if the calliope isn't found. The Duchess is much more upbeat – she's sure the soirée will go well no matter what happens. Aubrey says that Bach wants to see you in the Courtier's suite. Hop to it!
Rowena complains that Bach gets a fancy suite when he's just a member of staff. You encounter Celia who pulls you aside for a quick word. She insists that you stop looking for the calliope at once. Sure, if you don't find it you'll be imprisoned, but think of her career! She agrees to a compromise where she will help you find the calliope and prove your innocence, but will then smash it with a rock. She thinks Dr Kitt has it. Celia plans to distract Dr Kitt with stancian ore, while you go into her room and steal back the calliope. She'll meet you near Dr Kitt's room in an hour.
You meet Bach, who insults the hotel and the staff. He then asks for your help stealing the calliope and says that you should run away with him and the instrument. When you are less than enthused, he says that if you don't help him he will call the police. He's the one who convinced Aubrey to dust for fingerprints in the Queen's Quarters, knowing you'd opened the window. Meet him in an hour, or your future looks bleak!
Rowena wants to confront Dr Kitt, while Marcella is more concerned about the missing soup ladle. Celia arrives looking for a knife. She'd gone to Dr Kitt's room, but the hissing she'd found wasn't the calliope, but a snake! A snake that has followed Celia to the kitchen.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
David Reed
Torian Brackett
Rosalyn Mitchell
Dr. Kitt
Beth Eyre
Sorcha Brooks
Lord Stovern
Clive Riches
Asha Cluer
Mr. G
Rob Dukes
Robyn Holdaway
Jessica Wright Buha
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam