The Snake in the Grass

Impactful revelations and serpentine mysteries as you continue your investigations!


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You are menaced by a dangerous snake in the hotel kitchen! Luckily you grab a pot and trap it. Rowena wants to boil it, Marcella suggests letting it outside, while Celia wants to return it to Dr Kitt to see if she'll reveal any information about the calliope when you do. Marcella refuses and insists that you release it well away from the hotel!
Celia carries the snake upstairs in a pot. You encounter the Duchess and Lord Stovern having an argument and reach Dr Kitt's suite. You show her the pot, only to find it empty! Thankfully the snake hasn't gone far, as you can tell by the Duchess's screams. Dr Kitt is distraught and rushes to rescue the snake, which she calls Marguerite. You manage to get the snake off the Duchess and return with it to Dr Kitt's room.
You return Marguerite to Dr Kitt, and Celia asks where the calliope is. This seems to excite the snake and Dr Kitt admits that she stole the calliope and hid it in the wardrobe in the Queen's Quarters – but not for herself! She stole it because Marguerite loves calliopes and becomes depressed if she's away from them. Dr Kitt whips the cover off the calliope... only to reveal a number of orange crates instead. Someone has stolen the calliope from Dr Kitt! You hear a heavy thumping noise and go to investigate.
You head out to investigate the crash and run into Rowena. It looks like the Queen's Quarters are unlocked, so you might as well investigate.
You investigate the wardrobe and find it locked. Celia and Rowena argue about how to open it. You roll the stancian ore underneath the wardrobe and you hear a thunk when it hits something. You discover that the wardrobe is supported on a stone plinth rather than the spindly legs. You manage to open the wardrobe, but someone is coming. Quick, hop inside!
You spy on Aubrey and Bach from the wardrobe. They talk about removing the calliope from the wardrobe to get it out of the hotel and letting you take the fall for the theft! Aubrey starts to open the wardrobe, but is interrupted by the Duchess. He locks the wardrobe and goes to attend to her, leaving you trapped!
Well, you're trapped. Celia lights a match and spots a satchel hanging at the back of the wardrobe. It's full of travelling clothes and has two train tickets to leave the Riviera tonight. Is the Duchess running away with the gardener? You also find the missing soup ladle! But why is it here? Celia warns you not to touch it, but Rowena doesn't hear. She snatches the ladle, activates the lever, and a trapdoor opens, sending you falling.
You hit the ground and realise that you're in the cellar. Celia suggests that the trapdoor exists so the Queen could escape if there was an emergency. But there's more news. There in the cellar is... the calliope!


Cast listings may contain spoilers
David Reed
Torian Brackett
Rosalyn Mitchell
Sorcha Brooks
Beth Eyre
Lord Stovern
Clive Riches
Asha Cluer
Robyn Holdaway
Jessica Wright Buha
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam