The Grand Soirée

The calliope is found, but can you capture the culprits before the explosive final performance?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
The calliope seems to be none the worse for wear. Celia wants to destroy it, but Rowena points out that the destruction would land you in hot water since you're the prime suspect. You trek back up to the main floor and explain the situation to Marcella.
The radio crew has arrived and DJ Jean-Luc Wen introduces himself to Celia and gives her advice on singing for the radio. Aubrey arrives, directs the radio crew to the battlements, and asks the Duchess to act as host in his stead since he has a few matters to attend to. He directs you to prepare the canapés, but Rowena insists you both accompany Aubrey as he goes to meet Bach.
Aubrey and Marcella try to dissuade you from following him, but Rowena is adamant. You confront Bach, who demands that Aubrey open the wardrobe so he can collect the calliope. Of course, the calliope is now in the cellar. When he hears it is dented, Bach calls off the deal and storms out. Aubrey explains that Bach was to going to use a bit of dynamite to blow a hole in the hotel wall so the calliope could be taken. He hid the dynamite in the garden. You'd better go find it!
You search for the dynamite and find a handkerchief stuck in the brambles. When Rowena asks why Aubrey wanted to blow up the hotel, he explains that he didn't want to destroy it, just to get enough insurance money to buy an engagement ring... for Marcella! Marcella would have been happy with a ring of brass! You examine the handkerchief and find it monogrammed with A.P.I.S., which Aubrey recognises as Lord Stovern's initials. It's Latin for "bee" – Lord Stovern is the "bee"! Rowena says you should deal with the dynamite first, but Celia wants to investigate the string that the calliope was covered in. The string was the fuses for the dynamite and since the calliope is steam-powered, lighting it will set off the dynamite! You rush down to the cellar to find it.
Rowena tries to persuade you to go back outside, arguing that there isn't time to save everyone before the place explodes. Celia calls her a coward. You have a plan though. You have the stancian ore and a love-sick snake. Maybe you can stop things before the fuses are lit!
In the cellar, Lord Stovern is playing the calliope and singing (badly). He tells you that the calliope is the symbol of a lie. He'd bought it for the Duchess, his one true love, and now she's sold it and run off with the gardener! Dr Kitt releases Marguerite who chases Stovern away from the calliope and curls up happily around the pipes. Now you just have to deal with the fuses. You put out most of them, but there's one left. Run!
You emerge from the cellar to find that Lord Stovern has been arrested. The Duchess says she is checking out early with Mr G. and what Lord Stovern feels is none of her concern. Marcella goes to finish the canapés and Celia has an idea for how the calliope can accompany her singing!
Jean-Luc Wen introduces the hotel and Celia to his audience. Celia begins to sing, accompanying herself by tapping on the calliope pipes, with backing by Marguerite hissing along. The pavements outside the hotel are filling up with people eager to see the spectacle and book in for a stay. Aubrey asks Rowena to take over management, as she is much better at that than he is. Here's to a fantastic tomorrow.


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David Reed
Torian Brackett
Rosalyn Mitchell
Dr. Kitt
Beth Eyre
Sorcha Brooks
Jon Chew
Beth Eyre
Lord Stovern
Clive Riches
Asha Cluer
Police Officer
Six to Start Ensemble
Radio Man
Six to Start Ensemble
Robyn Holdaway
Jessica Wright Buha
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam