Looking after a filmmaking crew on one of the last Alpine glaciers should be an easy task, right?


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River welcomes you to the glacier. At least it isn't going to explode on you like that volcano last time! You meet the film crew: Agatha, YuJin, Percy, and Hassan. Hassan and Percy stay behind to get some footage with the drone, while you escort Agatha and YuJin back to base camp.
As you walk back to camp, River explains the geology of the glacier to Agatha. You see exposed boulders, left behind as the glacier retreats due to climate change. YuJin picks up a rock with a fossil in it. This whole area used to be at the bottom of the ocean. Once a glacier loses so much snow mass due to melting that it can't flow anymore it is considered extinct – this one could be gone by 2100. In Iceland there is a grave marker for one of the lost glaciers and the rest could be gone in 200 years.
YuJin is looking for yetis, but River says that the folklore of the Alps is about the Tatzelwurm, a dragon with the face of a cat. Agatha has a story of her own about the discovery of a body stuck in a glacier. The body turned out to be over 5000 years old. They were able to determine what his last meal was and that he was murdered.
River explains a bit more about geology, but YuJin has found something. A sock! They've spotted a pile of clothing in the distance too. You need to investigate.
You reach the pile of clothing and find a ripped t-shirt, but there's no blood, thankfully. You can't even call into base because River gave Hassan her radio. You spot something shiny nearby, so you head towards it. River explains the history of ice ages on Earth and says that humans have never lived on a planet without glaciers. You manage to catch the shiny thing. It's a bit of an emergency foil blanket. It's getting late, but if someone is lost then you need to find them.
You've found more items and there's something else further up the slope. You'll need to be careful getting it; it's warm enough that the permafrost is melting and that makes the sediment loose. That means a lot of carbon, and potentially old diseases, are being freed. YuJin heads up the slope, but the movement starts a rockslide!
You escape the rockslide and YuJin shows you what they found. It's a backpack, but it's badly damaged, like an animal got hold of it. River recognises the name on the backpack as belonging to one of the local guides. The guide is fine, but she mentioned that someone had played a prank on her. Maybe she thought her backpack had been stolen? You hear a roar in the distance and spot something moving. You need to get out of there!
You hear a loud drilling noise. River explains that it's an ice core drill that runs 24 hours a day. If you can hear it, it means you're nearly back at camp. There will be time for the crew to film later. Hassan and Percy have already made it and are glad to see you. They were getting worried! Good job, Techie! Go and warm up.


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Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Alex Acks
Eleanor Rushton
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam