Lost in the Corn

A summer picnic with your best friends takes a turn for the deadly. What's lurking between the rows of corn?


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You arrive at the corn field with your flatmates, Samantha and Derek, ready for a picnic. Samantha says that there used to be a corn maze here and her grandmother would bring her every year for the harvest celebration. She bets that you can't beat her to the centre of the maze and takes off running, leaving you to bring the picnic!
You run after Samantha, but she seems impossible to catch. You pause for a moment to rest while Samantha taunts you from somewhere in the field. You hear something moving in the corn, possibly a deer, but when you stop to listen you just hear crows. You spot some footprints and move on.
You finally catch up with Samantha, who tells you that her family has owned the field for generations. You're nearly at the centre when you hear something large moving in the corn. The thing makes a moaning noise and Samantha runs off to find out what it is. You hear her scream and run to find her.
The wind is rising and you can't find Samantha, but you do hear something that sounds like laughter. You hear Samantha scream in the distance and head towards the sound.
It seems to be getting dark very quickly. You find Samantha's phone in the mud near to a lot of broken corn, as though something huge had pushed through it. As you explore, you find muddy footprints of feet and hooves and hands, and eventually come across Samantha's shoes. There's a foot still inside one of them! Derek lifts you up so you can see over the corn and find the car and you start to run in that direction, pursued by the sound of laughter.
You're chased towards the car and you almost reach it when you trip. When you stand up, you find yourself in the centre of the maze next to a pond. You hear chanting and robed figures step out from the corn. You try to run, but Derek is grabbed and thrown into the lake. He tells you to run, before something drags him into the depths.
You've escaped the robed people, but you're pursued by a massive creature, which tells you to swim with it.
The creature chases you back to the centre of the maze. Samantha explains that she'd brought you here as offerings and made you follow her along the path of the labyrinth. You'll either be devoured by the stalker of the corn, or maybe chosen to join them. The cultists grab you and throw you into the pond and as you sink you hear the voice of the creature.


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Six to Start Ensemble
Cult Leader
Six to Start Ensemble
Joshua Riley
Six to Start Ensemble
Jonathan Whiteside
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam