Laura and Antonia are a 98% match! But can you prevent their pasts from catching up with them?


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"Hello, you have reached Silver Bells Matchmaking..." A voice message from your client, Antonia. She's expecting you and her girlfriend, Laura, at her flat to record an endorsement for your matchmaking service. She's having brunch with her mother beforehand, but Laura has the key. Another message, this one from Laura. She's at Antonia's flat already, finalising her lines.
You arrive at Antonia's flat, but she's not there yet. The film crew are setting up and destroying home accessories. Laura wants to go over her lines. She talks about how when Silver Bells told her they had a 98% match for her, she panicked because she had a terrible romantic record. But after relationship therapy, Silver Bells introduced her to Antonia. Laura investigates a crash from the next room and returns excited, wanting to ask you something in private.
Laura found insurance papers for an engagement ring! Did you know Antonia is planning to propose? Laura needs to know! Is that why she's late? When Laura finds out Antonia is brunching with her mother, she's horrified. The woman is a monster! She tells you to go and get Antonia out of there immediately.
At the restaurant, you are introduced to Antonia's mother, who has been reading the script for the endorsement. Antonia says she needs to pull out of the filming! She can't get into why right now, but she needs you to tell Laura.
When you arrive alone, Laura thinks she knows exactly what's going on. She is famous for her ability to change minds in matters of the heart and so reckons Antonia is avoiding her, not wanting to be persuaded out of a break up. Laura is determined not to call Antonia – the ball is in her court. If you want to do something, you can talk to Antonia.
You arrive at the restaurant having run the whole way. Antonia's mother has gone, thankfully. Antonia had spoken with her about proposing to Laura and using the family money she was promised to buy a flat. But her mother told Antonia that the money is gone! Antonia's parents have spent it all! Antonia and Laura have always agreed equality is crucial to them, and now Antonia can't deliver on that promise. Can you go back to Laura and make sure she doesn't leave while Antonia works out her anger?
You arrive at the flat, and Antonia is close behind you. Laura is angry – she put off an investor pitch to film this endorsement and has wasted Silver Bells's time too. Antonia tells Laura that after meeting with her mother she can no longer pay the down payment on a new home. Laura feels that Antonia's mother is making decisions for them.
The couple are still arguing. Laura thought Antonia was going to propose! Antonia, deflated, reveals she was, but then found out about the missing money. The money was laid out in a spreadsheet and promised 18 months ago, ready for when Antonia needed it. She needs it now. She's met the woman of her dreams and wants to marry her.
How could Antonia's parents have done this? She trusted them, and now she and Laura can't get the home they wanted. It's not the worst thing in the world, but Laura knew something was going to go wrong – it always has for her. Antonia turns to you. She wants you to bring a camera to the spot in the park where you first arranged for the couple to meet. Trust her.
You're back at the spot where Laura and Antonia's relationship began. Laura had been so nervous about her awful romantic history that it took Antonia fifteen meetings with Silver Bells before they could set them up. Antonia knew they were a perfect match. She would never leave Laura. She proposes. Laura says... no! Couldn't the test have been wrong? Antonia is sure it couldn't have been wrong.
Antonia pulls up the test that gives them a 98% match on her phone, but Laura isn't convinced. It isn't the money that's bothering her. All her life she has been rejected, and Antonia not being there today brought up those feelings all over again. She always knew Antonia would be the one to propose, because she has always been the nervous one. Does that sound like equality? They did promise you an endorsement though. They're ready.
Filming on a camera phone, Laura talks about Silver Bells. How you found her a 98% match, and gave her relationship coaching when she panicked. You helped her realise she had asked too much of women in the past. But she wants to marry Antonia. She wants to trust that she'll be able to patch things up when they go wrong. She wants to be the one with the ring box and the courage to jump. And guess what? Antonia has a spare ring.


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Harriet Madeley
EM Williams
Antonia's Mum
Six to Start Ensemble
Emily Short
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam