Only Satellites

Trapped in the mining tunnels with spiders on your trail. It's time you learned who your real friends are.


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Your oxygen saturation is rising and you should be okay. Jody tells you to get moving to get your blood flowing, but Sam tells you not to listen to her. She's one of the things that killed his family! Jody tells him that any synth who shows signs of creativity is wiped, killing them. She wants peace, but humans have been no better. The spiders are approaching, and the runabout is as close as Sam can get it. You need to get running - you can discuss this later.
You enter the tunnels, but there's a lot of rubble, and you can't squeeze through without ripping your suits. You find some exo-suits which should let you lift the rubble and get through. Use the suit to kick apart the rocks; lift your knee and kick out, but try not to lock the joint. Great! You get through quickly. Keep the exo-suits on in case you reach another obstruction.
You're making good progress. Jody hears someone in the tunnel, and you find Peter! He's stuck to the wall with webbing but his suit is intact. The spiders are approaching and some of them are huge. Peter suggests using Azedrium, a powerful explosive, to blow them up remotely. It isn't safe, but it might be your only chance. Use the exo-suits to pile the Azedrium up - squat down and then lift it. Peter says that he heard what Jody said on the radio. His ex was a synth and Peter really loved him. Set the detonator and then get moving.
The explosion goes off and brings down the cave roof on the spiders. They won't get through that in a hurry! But as you head off, you encounter more of them. They've got you surrounded! The exo-suits are pretty strong so you might be able to fight your way through. You manage to punch your way free so keep moving until the suits run out of power.
You've reached a dead end, but Sam insists there's records of mining there. Peter realises that the tunnel is there, but it runs downwards and is submerged in a puddle of spore slime. It's the only way out, so you'll have to Commando Crawl through the slime. Your suits should keep you safe. The slime seems to be moving. You make it out, and hopefully you can get through any more slime without any problems.
You finally make it to the runabout! Sam speaks to you and Peter and tells you not to get on it. You can't trust Jody. Peter tries to tell Jody not to get on it, but Sam has cut her comms. It's up to you to stop her getting on. You tackle her with the last of the exo-suit's power, just in time to see the runabout explode.


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Jody Marsh (Runner 4)
Jennifer Tan
Peter Lynne
Will Green
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Jude Reid
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam