Auribus Teneo Lupum

Kidnapping the Emperor's nephew isn't the only misstep you'll take tonight


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With the gagged Aeneas in a handcart, you all wait for the patrol to pass to try and get through the gate. On the other side, Sam has set up a meeting with the shaman of one of the less murdery Pictish tribes. Once the patrol passes, you make a break for the gates and pray you don't get caught having kidnapped the Emperor's nephew.
You all get through the gate, and arrive in the forest, but you must cut Aeneas loose because the cart won't fit through the trees. Instead, you poke your sword in his back to keep him from running. Petronius tells you a terrifying story of a patrol being killed in this very forest by silent Pictish warriors. Sam doesn't help the mood by telling you that there's a big animal running alongside you all -- but it can't be a wolf, or you'd all be dead already. Still, time to pick up the pace.
You get through brambles and arrive in a clearing. From the trees hang wooden dolls made of branches, and Aeneas regales you with the kind of magics Pictish people are said to be able to do, including seeing through the eyes of animals and raising the dead. You light your torch, and discover it was indeed a wolf following your group. Luckily, you manage to scare it off with the torch fire. Petronius hears the water of a stream, and orders you all to follow him - the water will mask your scents.
You seem to lose the wolf in the water, which is good. What is less good is the Picts in the trees all around you, sending arrows flying. After stopping Petronius from killing Aeneas, Sam says he thinks the Picts are funnelling you somewhere, and you have no choice but to follow.
The Picts have you trapped against a waterfall, but just then the wolf reappears. Sam thinks it must be the shaman's guide, with the shaman seeing through its eyes. It runs behind the waterfall, and you all follow, not wanting to be hit by arrows from the Picts in the trees.
There's a cave network behind the waterfall, and you follow the wolf. Aeneas almost gets stuck in a side passage, which doesn't help the structural integrity of the cave. You pull him free, but the cave starts to collapse -- you must run and crawl to ensure you don't get buried.
You emerge into a Pictish settlement, where Maeve the shaman awakens from her trance. She orders Aeneas to surrender now, or suffer the vengeance of her people. He surrenders without pause.


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Tom Syms
Sally Orrock
Will Green
Pictish Rebel
Six to Start Ensemble
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Sam West
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam