Track the Ripper

Along with Detective Marsh and Sergeant Swift, you'll have to be fleet of foot and sharp of wit to catch Jack the Ripper before the next attack.


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Tonight, Jack has bragged to the police that he's going to murder two people, so you've joined the case below Detective Marsh. You're on your way out when the Lord Mayor catches you and reads you the riot act. Because he's so unhappy that Marsh hasn't caught the Ripper thus far, he assigns a City of London police officer, Sergeant Swift, to the case too.
You meet Swift, who tells you he just spoke to a man who thought he'd seen the Ripper. You follow the lead up Gower's Walk.
You come upon an alley with cigarette butts on the floor. They are still warm, and some have lipstick marks. Swift recognises the brand from a recent party, and Marsh knows a nearby tobacconist who you head to interview.
Marsh & Swift interview the tobbaconist, Lamont. He saw the fellow described, as well as the woman. He points you to Commercial Road, where they seemed to be headed. The funny thing is, he's sure he recognised them both...but he couldn't put his finger on how!
Swift tells you both that the Mayor has been receiving threats, marked "From Hell" - the same kind that all the officers at the Met have been getting. Marsh agrees he'll hand them over to the forensics team. Swift hears whistles and spots some other Met officers. He runs ahead to let them know who he is.
There is a ruckus because a new body has been found. Once people find some more lanterns, you're able to get a good look. Swift and Marsh realise that the Ripper has changed his MO: he's now killed a man! There were footsteps heading east, and you all follow into City of London territory.
While you head into the City square mile, Swift tells you the strangest detail about the Mayor's letters: some of them were found inside his house, far from the front door. But before you can muse any further, you hear the sound of an explosion in the distance.
Someone set off a bomb at the Mayor's house, and now he's missing. You head down an alley, after a mysterious figure, who throws a stick of dynamite at you.
Marsh lands funny on his leg, but everyone is fine. Then the figure looks like he might be carrying the Mayor on his back! Jack shoots Swift in the shoulder. You must catch the Ripper before he hits the river, where there are always too many people and you might lose him for good.
Marsh comes up with a plan to take down the Ripper before he reaches the end of the alley.
Drawing fire from him, you manage to topple Jack. Once he's decloaked, you find that he's...the Mayor's wife, Ida! The Mayor has you promise that you won't tell anyone, for it will ruin his reputation -- and you don't want to give women the idea that they can be murderers, after all! All agree that it's best to keep it under wraps, and you're now one of the few to know Jack's real identity.


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Lulu Kadhim
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam