Astronaut Training

During your 5 kilometre journey you’ll be taken through astronaut training, so you can hear all about the skills and experience that you need to go into space.

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Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You hear about astronaut's preparing for training, the way they use toilets, and emergency protocols.
You're ready for basic training! Do some scuba diving, and take physical tests to see if you pass!
You've passed basic training, and now it's time to learn to T-38 supersonic jet. This will allow you experience weightlessness, but it has many benefits, as an astronaut explains.
Using a Virtual Reality Lab, you'll experience what it's like to actually move around in space! You'll help your fellow astronauts do repairs and work with instruments.
In the Neutral Buoyancy Lab, you'll get into the largest indoor body of water in the world! Just like the Virtual Reality Lab, this pool will help to train you for working in space, though working under water isn't perfectly comparable!
Not far too go, now you're running to Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, where your shuttle will launch from!
You've now run 5k, and completed your astronaut training! This means you're ready to Run the Solar System!


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam