Damned If You Do

You survived Christmas and returned to Hell with only a little bit of cheating (and the helping hand of Santa Claus), but things aren't over yet! An estranged brother, a vital wager, and a lot of glitter mean that things aren't back to normal. Make merry in this sequel to last year's Satan Claus adventure!


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You saunter back into Hell with Abbadon, only to encounter the Christmas Father. Santa says he's making a quick call on Satan. Abbadon tries to dissuade him, but Santa barges right through. You can't let him reveal everything to your boss – stop him!
You arrive before your boss just in time to see Santa greet him as "brother". Santa thanks Satan for helping him out with saving Christmas, and Satan is horribly offended. The brothers make a bet: Satan and his demons will go to the North Pole and try their hands at Santa's job. If it's a success, then Santa will never bother his brother again, but if it isn't... Santa gets Hell. To your shock, Satan agrees, and you're all going to help him. Off to the North Pole with you!
Welcome to Santa's Workshop! You're given a brief tour while Santa explains that he and Satan are twins... with very uncreative parents when it came to names. Santa lets his right-hand elf, Snowball, take over the explanations and get you to sign the contract and liability waiver. You're ready to go, right?
You've been sent to Christmas Card Craft Department to develop your skills. Despite your amazing work, Santa seems less than impressed. Maybe you just need some real experience in the Santa Simulator!
The simulations are not going well, but at least you're getting a lot of practice! They're just running short on robot children. Santa encourages you, but your methods may be a little violent and you've definitely woken the parents! Hide!
Santa helps you get fitted for Santa suits. Maybe you just need the get-up to get into the part. Snowball thinks he deserves a pay rise. Thankfully red is Satan's colour, although the laugh may be more murdery than merry. It'll have to do. It's not Christmas Day anymore, but Santa does have a backlog of overdue letters addressed to "Satan Claus". Better late than never, right? You have one day to save Hell!


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Rhys Jennings
Walles Hammond
Santa Claus
Clive Riches
Clive Riches
EM Williams
Justin Saint
Sophie Fretwell
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam