Rowan, the heir to the throne, has vanished! Time to set out on an adventure in this fun retelling of Sleeping Beauty.


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Your friend Jay arrives with big news – a real once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity! Rowan, the heir to throne, has vanished and the reward for finding them is half the kingdom! Want to go on an adventure?
You stop at Grimm's Inn. Jay says it has great food, but the innkeeper can only offer you boiled tree bark! The chef left to cater Rowan's birthday party, then returned, packed a bag, and vanished without saying a word. Maybe the chef could help you! You give the innkeeper your last sandwich in return for information and follow their directions to the grove of people-eating trees.
Roots grab you and chew your boots – but the tree is only trying scare you. People keep trying to steal its bark! If you could find the chef and persuade them back to the inn then people would stop stealing bark to eat. The crows saw someone run towards the Caves of Gloom. The chief crow will guide you, but you must be careful! The chef is also a powerful magician.
There's a delicious smell nearby, and Jay starts to fall asleep. You yank them away – it must be a sleeping spell! And you've found the chef. He was angry the King told Rowan the chef couldn't come to their birthday party. In a fit of rage the chef cast a sleeping spell on Rowan and sent them to the forest. He regretted his actions, and now everyone hates him, even his dog Pickles, who really loved Rowan. He can't undo the spell – it can only be broken by true love's kiss. Jay says that you will try, and the chef agrees to magic your boots to take you to Rowan, and to return to Grimm's Inn.
You reach a small cottage, but it's surrounded by thorns. You also find the chef's dog Pickles! You think about cutting through the thorns with Jay's axe, but the thorns object. You could just ask politely instead of making threats! You introduce the thorns to the talking trees and the thorns permit you to pass. You're nearly there!
You find Rowan fast asleep. You need to be careful because the chef said bad things would happen if it wasn't a genuine true-love's kiss! Pickles jumps up onto the bed and licks Rowan's face, which wakes Rowan up! Pickles really does love Rowan. It's been a fun adventure, and maybe you'll get an invite to the Palace!


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Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Sarah Griffin
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Caroline Gardiner
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam