Opening Night

Malistrio's performance begins! Can you stop them and save Cath? Or will you be forced to watch their entire performance?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You find Sally in Gablesworth, talking to people and persuading them to come and see Malistrio's show with great success. She seems to have some regrets about the situation and Arame is sympathetic. She tells Sally that actors aren't anything special; they're just people. Sally regrets what she's done, but Arame persuades her to keep going so Malistrio doesn't get suspicious. Arame tells her to wear the mask for the performance, and to speak from her heart when the time comes. The plan is in motion! Arame sends you back to let the wizards know.
Indro says that Malistrio has been looking for you. The demon thankfully believes the story that you've been checking stage locations. And just in time because the audience are arriving. But you have another problem. The wizards brewed the potion to return their powers, but Ylsanouria is rather drunk after sampling the wines they used. You send Torzen off to help Ylsanouria sober up, while you head to the ballroom for the start of the play!
Indro greets the audience. He warns them that enjoyment is compulsory and insufficient applause will result in them having to start the show from the beginning. After the warnings, Malistrio appears and promptly sends someone to the Lobby of Lamentation for poor enthusiasm. Arame and Clarence make up as the performance begins, and Arame reminds everyone to be ready for Scene Five, just in case the actual plan at Scene Three fails. Time to head over to Scene Two to finish set-up!
The audience arrive at Scene Two, but not before Malistrio banishes several more people to the Lobby of Lamentation for straggling. Malistrio asks the audience for suggestions, and banishes people for those they don't like. Meanwhile, Torzen tries to make sure Ylsanouria remembers what she's supposed to do for Scene Three. Torzen sends you ahead to find Arame and reassure her that everything will be fine.
You arrive at the grove just ahead of the audience, who have definitely sped up to avoid being banished. Ylsanouria and Torzen drink their potions, but Ylsanouria is struggling to remember the magic words, and Torzen can't repeat them without turning her magic off. Unfortunately, Malistrio hears them and decides that a good wizard smiting is just what is needed to liven up the scene. Malistrio's grand monologue is interrupted by Sally, who proceeds to criticise Malistrio's performance and script The weakness of every actor: crippling self-doubt! It buys enough time for Ylsanouria to recall the words, and together they cast a spell to trap Malistrio in the oubliette stone once more. Cath is freed, and absolutely livid. The people Malistrio banished return. Things might not be over though, when there's an explosion from the manor!
Thankfully everyone seems to be alright, and they're relieved that Cath has been restored. Ylsanouria and Torzen promise that they will sink the oubliette stone somewhere that no one will ever find it. The explosion was all of Malistrio's magical objects vanishing. The sorcerers offer to help with repairing the manor, and Cath thinks that this escapade could be the basis for a fantastic new show. Cath thinks everyone handled themselves well, and she might even take a holiday at some point. Just not yet.


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Marilyn Nnadebe
Victoria Grove
Victoria Grove
Philip Nightingale
Chris Lateano
Mr Brady
Six to Start Ensemble
Hannah Raymond-Cox
Jon Chew
Aislynn De'Ath
Bilal Dardai
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam