Sorceror's Realm

Sorceror's Realm theme park has never lived up to its name quite like this!


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You arrive at the bustling backstage area of the Sorceror's Realm theme park's theatre, ready to suit up to play Peasant #3. You're met by Cath, the long-suffering stage manager, who explains how things work, and introduces you to Indro, another actor. You're interrupted by Arame who plays the sorceress, and who has lost her magic staff. Cath asks you and Indro to go and find the staff since you aren't on until Act 2.
You search for the staff with Indro, who explains a bit more about the park and the show. He used to visit all the time as a kid, so he knows a lot about the place. You reach the Chaotic Cauldron ride and find the staff. Better hurry back with it!
You return to the theatre with the staff. Cath laments how stale the show feels since it is a twenty year old script written by the owner's son. The son now works in management and refuses to let it be updated or changed. You head onto the stage, but the power goes out. Cath sends you downstairs to turn the fuses back on.
You head for the fuse box, when a portal appears, and out of the portal two figures appear. They introduce themselves as Torzen and Ylsanouria, sorcerors who had been engaged in combat and certainly don't intend to stop now. They burst through the ceiling to continue their fight leaving you to go and explain to Cath.
Cath demands to know what happened, while Arame is upset that the 'new actors' have been given better effects when she's been asking for ages. Above, the battle rages on, until Torzen is blown through the back of the theatre. This finally convinces Arame that they might not be actors. Cath tells you to follow the sorcerors while she gets everyone to safety.
Arame worries that this is her fault. Without her staff, she'd been making up hand gestures and spells for the show. Indro reassures her. Suddenly you see fireballs apprach but from different directions. You'll need to split up to find both of the sorcerors. You and Arame head off to the Mystical Mydway.
You find Ylsanouria who is arguing with the man who runs one of the games. When he insults her, she prepares to attack him. Arame interrupts just in time, and gets Ylsanouria the stuffed toy that she wanted from the game. Ylsanouria thanks them, and assumes that Arame is another sorceress. She declares you her allies, and takes you through a portal to plan her next attack.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Marilyn Nnadebe
Victoria Grove
Chris Lateano
Jon Chew
Aislynn De'Ath
Six to Start Ensemble
Bilal Dardai
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam