A Magnificent Machine

A glittering submarine, a missing brother, and some encoded charts. Could Atlantis be real?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
As your ship sails over the lost city of Atlantis, a violent storm picks up and you collide with an iceberg. The ship capsizes and as you are thrown into the water your shipmate yells at you to keep moving – they'll throw you a rope.
You wake up on board a submarine, the Bellerophon. Its sole occupant is Jenny Playfair and she has bad news: your shipmates all perished. She and her crewmates were hunting for Atlantis and she is the only one left. The storm also damaged her submarine – help her shift boxes so she can get to the engine room. Squat to pick up the boxes. Feet a little wider than hip-width, toes slightly outwards. Don't let your knees go over your toes. As you finish up, Jenny tells you she believes her brother Thomas is in Atlantis.
Jenny shows you round the beautiful submarine, which runs on electric power. You still have one door to punch through to get to the engine room, but luckily it's a brittle one. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent, right foot back a little, fists up. Jab with your right arm for 30 seconds, then switch your legs and punching arm and do another 30 seconds. Jenny and Thomas learned of Atlantis when they were in the British navy.
You burst into the engine room – the control panel needs restarting. Jenny tells you airily that the ship's captain, Captain Solus, was missing when she woke up two weeks ago. You need his key to restart the controls and it's in his private chamber. Help Jenny lift the door off its hinges by doing some Abdominal Crunches. Jenny believes Thomas was tempted by an Atlantean to do something, but stops herself before she tells you what.
You enter the captain's quarters and find a cabinet that contains his keys. The door panel is very heavy – you'll need to brace it open while Jenny searches. Get into a Wall Sit. Stand a short distance from the wall, lean back until you are resting against it then bend your legs until your knees are almost at right angles. Jenny suspected Captain Solus was an Atlantean in disguise. His cabinet has a secret compartment hiding maps and documents.
Captain Solus has an audio device that plays voice recordings. On one recording he says that Jenny was never fooled by his insistence that Atlantis doesn't exist. Jenny says you need to find the other audio log discs. She tells you to go to the bridge, where she believes the captain hid them. Run with High Knees to avoid the debris!
On the bridge, Jenny finds a box of audio log discs. Captain Solus thinks Jenny knows his true background, but she skips the recording before he can reveal another suspicion. Jenny decodes one of the charts and discovers Atlantis is nearby. She wants you to journey there together and steal their secrets and treasure.


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Captain Solus
Will de Renzy-Martin
Eleanor Rushton
Mary Musgrave
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam