A Lost Metropolis

You're plunged into work in the city. Can you keep up, especially when a threat comes out of the blue?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You and Jenny have been sent to do maintenance work. Better get warmed up. Atlantis is beautiful and built for a people far stronger than humans. Jenny reveals the injection you were both given will make you explode if you return to the surface. She has evaded her guard so she can have a closer look at the Atlantean technology. She runs away as President Zala approaches.
Zala tells you Topsiders have sought Atlantis after meeting other Atlanteans that had left the city. They often come with flags and guns. Your first maintenance task is to repair a cable. Some Chair Dips will push it back into its casing.
Zala reveals the Bellerophon is a living vessel. She has communicated with it and it has told her Jenny is sad and angry, and looking for something. Atlantis was once an island west of Africa. They knew a landslide was coming and prepared for a life beneath the sea. Your next task is to tidy toolboxes. Squat to lift them.
A message arrives for Zala: the submarine bay has lost power! The living subs can't be without power for long or they will die. Help Zala restore the power by performing some Chest Squeezes. Bring a weighted object into your chest and then hold it away from your body, all while squeezing it.
Zala tells you Atlantean locks work by connecting to coral in their people's spines. On the seabed Atlantean divers are tending to a sea anemone. A shoal of anthropolyps is closing in! You'll have to fend them off using harpoons! To fire them across a wide range, use Side-to-side Shuffle. Bend your knees slightly and gallop sideways for a couple of paces, then touch the floor. Then back the other way.
Zala's communicator has been sabotaged and you must warn the city of more approaching anthropolyps. Get into a glass booth and move about to create kinetic power. Oh no! A diver has been bitten! Glowing fluid has infiltrated her suit and she starts to transform into an anthropolyp. Keep moving!
The kinetic energy has successfully activated the alarm! Other harpoon stations begin shooting and the divers can finally escape. Zala tells you the anthropolyps were created when some Topsiders came to Atlantis and started experimenting with the venoms in their labs. She thinks Jenny is the saboteur, but an Atlantean must be helping her through locked doors. A nacre lock tells Zala that Atlantean is... Captain Solus! How is Jenny being aided by the dead?


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Eleanor Rushton
Olga Leon
Mary Musgrave
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam