Creatures from the Deep

You're on the trail of a stolen submarine! Can you stay safe on the sea floor?


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A week has passed since you arrived in Atlantis. Zala fastens you into a diving suit as she commends you for your community spirit. She suspects Jenny has stolen a submarine named the Al Nahash. If it's still in range you could talk to Jenny over the comms. Warm up while Zala callibrates the suit.
You step out of the airlock onto the seabed. The Al Nahash has been driven straight over the coral, damaging it. You'll need to Lunge as you follow its trail so you don't damage the coral further. With both feet pointing fowards, step one leg out wide and bend both knees until your back knee almost touches the floor. Then repeat on the other side.
The trail leads to the anemone, whose venom sack has been slashed, spilling glowing liquid into the water. An anthropolyp has been attracted by the venom and begins to attack! You'll need to Kick! Stand with knees slightly bent, feet shoulder-width apart, one leg back. Then kick with your back leg! Thirty seconds on one side, thirty seconds on the other. You got it right in the jaw! Zala sounds worried – keep your heart rate up.
The anemone is in pain, thrashing around and throwing boulders. You'll need to hide in a coral-lined horizontal crevice. Get in the Plank position to keep your suit away from the razor-sharp coral.
There is another way back to Atlantis through a cave. Inside the cave you find the missing sub! You hit the airlock button, but there is a problem with the door. You'll need to do some Sit Ups to raise it. Will you be able to talk Jenny down? Will Zala be able to speak to Solus again – returned from the dead? The door is up and you flush the water out of the airlock.
Zala talks to you on a private comms channel as you find Jenny in the sub. Jenny lies, claiming she's been observing the fauna of the cave, using test tubes of glowing venom for her work. Zala thinks she's been trying to make an antidote for the injection they gave you on arrival, so she can return to the surface. Zala sees some worrying readings from your suit – the injection is making your heart rate fluctuate. Better get moving to raise it.
Your pulse has stabilised, but Jenny works out Zala is speaking to you and calls you a traitor! Zala speaks directly to her, telling her that despite her actions she can still be forgiven. And where is Solus? He isn't here, so how has Jenny been opening doors? Jenny is wearing the coral from Solus's spine along her wrist! Jenny demands to know where her brother Thomas is. Regretfully, Zala tells her Thomas tried to leave the city and is now an anthropolyp. The Al Nahash knows Jenny is doing wrong and knocks itself against the cave wall, causing the venom to spill and run under the floor. Jenny yells at Zala, saying she will come back with the might of the navy and destroy Atlantis.


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Eleanor Rushton
Olga Leon
Mary Musgrave
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam