A Desperate Pursuit

A saboteur on the verge of victory. Only you can defend Atlantis.


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Jenny forces you out of your diving suit at gunpoint. She's furious you're working with the people she thinks killed her brother. She plans to return to Atlantis with a full team and steal the anemone. She believes she has produced an antidote to the injection that will explode you when you return to the surface and injects you with it before you realise what's happening. It needs testing, after all. Keep your heart rate up!
Jenny reveals she killed Solus, but needed another person to help her lift the Atlantean doors. The storm made everyone assume an iceberg had hit your ship, covering the fact it was Jenny's sub sinking it on purpose. Hmm. You're going a funny colour. Get into the plank position, then do some Mountain Climbers to prevent an adverse reaction. When in plank, quickly bring one knee then the other towards your nose.
You're looking a bit better, but there's a noise coming from the engine room. While Jenny is gone, the Al Nahash allows Zala to communicate with you. She guides you to a small comms device, which you put in your ear. You're going to have to Kick through the engine room door to stop Jenny. With your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, and one leg behind, kick up with the back leg! Switch legs halfway through. You break into the engine room and deliver a Kick to Jenny, who collapses. You must get the sub back to Atlantis.
Jenny wakes and starts shooting at you, but her gun jams! A school of anthropolyps is on the approach. One of them is outside the porthole. It looks like Jenny's brother Thomas. You must brace the door against the creatures with a Wall Sit. The Atlanteans start firing harpoons at the anthropolyps.
The anthropolyps have breached the sub. Jenny's brother Thomas, transformed into a monster, emerges through the floor and bites his sister. You'll have to protect yourself with some Air Punches. You beat it back, but not for long. You'll have to push that ballast tank onto it with a Wall Sit! It works, but you must stop it recovering by kicking it with Mountain Climbers! It falls silent.
More anthropolyps are breaching the ship. You'll have to rise to the surface to destroy them – Jenny's antidote to the Atlantean injection should protect you. She injects herself with a dose too. Zala says Jenny is unlikely to survive, but you'll definitely become an anthropolyp if you stay here. You pull the lever and the sub begins to shoot towards the surface. You must keep your heart rate up as the pressure drops! Keep moving!
Light through the portholes – you're nearly there! The anthropolyps, including Thomas, begin bursting as the pressure falls. The venom from the bite is reacting strangely with Jenny's antidote and she starts to mutate horribly. She dies in a gloopy explosion. You've reached the surface and have survived! Zala is so happy – you have defended Atlantis like one of their own. Zala will manufacture Jenny's antidote to allow Atlanteans to leave the city if they wish. You are free to take the sub to land and tell others of your adventures. There is always a place for you in Atlantis.


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Eleanor Rushton
Olga Leon
Mary Musgrave
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam