Siren of Titan

You've reached Titan's surface, but your problems aren't over yet. You need to reach the AI core if you want to survive the harsh atmosphere of Titan.


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Jody points out your destination: Titan Base. She's surprised the shuttle made it, but when Mr Valmont finishes his gates, travelling like this will be a thing of the past. Frances returns from jamming the landing gear open, but she can't fix the stabilisers or the air recycler. Jody points out Titan's space elevator, but says it would have taken too long. She's brought you down, and an airlock is open on the nearest dome. You'd better hurry though! Your oxygen tanks aren't very full.
You reach the dome, although it's strange that the inner airlock is open. You'll need to keep your helmet on. Mr Valmont meets you, and says that ANNIE went berserk here and flushed the oxygen. Follow him to the Fabrication Bay, but keep your breathing steady. He doesn't have oxygen to spare.
You reach the Fabrication Bay and it seems to contain half of the base personnel, all wearing EV suits. There's a strange hum coming from the Displacement Gate, and Valmont says ANNIE tried to hack it, and now it just keeps powering up and down. Valmont points out a model of the solar system and all of the places he's built Displacement Gates on already. But first you need to restore oxygen, and to do that, you'll need to shut down ANNIE. You need Valmont and Jody to destroy her. Valmont tells Frances to stay behind, and he'll go with you and Jody. Run!
You pass through the hydroponics lab, which has been torn apart. The words "Praise the Machine" are written on the wall in blood. ANNIE is hacking your comms – you need to jam her. Valmont explains that this is why he wanted you, Five. His AIs are hardwired to protect humanity, but ANNIE has been glitching for weeks, ever since he asked her to research the Venus logs for a gate location. He knows an aural virus from Venus drove the AI there insane and you're the only one left who encountered it. He's as sure as he can be that you're not infected, but if that changes, he will shoot you himself. There are turrets ahead, and a shot cracks your faceplate. ANNIE has overridden the defences, but you can use the maintenance shaft above you. Quickly!
You've reached a secondary command junction, and your suit is holding. You hear something approaching and hide. It's a loader exoskeleton used for lifting cargo, but no one is piloting it, and it's dragging a corpse. Jody worries that she isn't cut out for command, but Valmont reassures her and tells her to trust her instincts. You try to sneak past, but the exoskeleton notices you and starts to give chase.
This is the core chamber! Valmont seals the door behind you and introduces his improved AI, called ANNETTE, created to run the calculations for the Displacement Gates. ANNETTE welcomes you by hacking your comms. Jody says that if ANNETTE wanted you dead, she could have easily killed you with the turrets, and opens comms to her. ANNETTE says that she tried to talk and apologises, but the rest of what she says is nonsense. Valmont overrides comms. ANNETTE is raising the temperature and starting to self-destruct! You should be able to reach the escape hatch if you hurry.
You're clear! You are under the base where they store liquid methane for cooling. Valmont berates Jody for trying to speak to ANNETTE while you find the lights. When they come on, you see dozens of bodies in cryo-tubes, pieces of them missing. What was ANNETTE doing to them? Frances contacts you saying that you have atmospheric control again. But ANNETTE isn't dead, she's transferred herself to the orbital station, and taken control of the entire gate network. She wanted Valmont there so she could find out his code. The only way to reach her is the space elevator. You're trapped and at her mercy.


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EM Williams
EM Williams
Frances Dempsey
Charly Afia
Jody Marsh (Runner 4)
Jennifer Tan
Andrew Futaishi
Elliott Gresswell
Ella Watts
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam