Titan's Fall

With the full horror revealed, and a desperate plan to enact, will you fall or will you fly?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You've got incoming travellers through the gate – must be Bright Eyes. You head into the corridor and find the base inhabitants slaughtered. The Bright Eyes are after you, horribly mutated with talons and backward joints. Jody says that you must fix this or Titan will just be the start. She has an idea, but needs a few more minutes. Get moving!
You enter a room full of holo-screens and close the blast doors behind you. The cameras show Bright Eyes all over the base. Jody still has ANNETTE's memory core. The AI wanted to tell you something back on Carousel base, so Jody uploads her. You hear ANNETTE's last message and Jody figures out what she meant. You need to reach the hydrocarbon stores under the base. Methane combusts when mixed with an oxidiser. Valmont tries to persuade her that destroying the base won't destroy the gates, but Jody says Valmont claimed he trusted her instincts so he needs to prove it.
There are Pandora Haze ships approaching. You need to do this quickly. Jody says her mum developed cancer just after she started working at Valmont Interplanetary. To pay the bills, Jody siphoned off a lot of money. She was caught but Valmont stepped in, and when someone does that, you want to believe they're good. You reach the methane tanks, but cameras show a lot of Bright Eyes on the far side of the bay. You open the valves on the tanks and let the methane out, depriving the Bright Eyes of their food source! Next stop is the air recycler. Run!
Jody sets the air recycler to spread the methane through the base. It'll mix with the oxygen supply. You plug ANNETTE's drive into the computer and give her control. ANNETTE says exploding the base should destroy the gates there and she can transmit the explosion to the other gates across the system. She knew it could be done, but her plan had been to contain and cure. She is not the cruel AI of Venus. There's a gateway in the Fabrication Bay that you can use to escape off-world. The computer ANNETTE is in will explode soon and set off the methane. Head to the bay!
You enter the Fabrication Bay, but Valmont is already there in one of the loader mechs. He isn't trying to defend the gates, but he wants to blame the incident on Pandora Haze. You could say that they attacked you, sue them, and then you'll be rich! He just needs to get his witnesses in order. He says you've been a bad influence on Jody so he tries to persuade her to abandon you and help in his plan. Jody speaks to you in secret by vibrating your helmet and tells you to trust her. She pretends to agree with Valmont, but the Bright Eyes come through the gate and drag Valmont through. Unfortunately, he smashed the gate controls before he was taken. Jody doubts you can escape the explosion, but you might be able to escape being torn apart by the Bright Eyes.
You follow the landing strip away from the base. The Bright Eyes are all over the base now. Jody says that Valmont had a theory that if you ran fast enough in this gravity, the momentum would carry you up and let you glide. He built wings into your suits. She doesn't think it works, but what the hell? It's your only chance. Charge!
It's working! You're flying! The base explodes and you angle towards the ground. The space elevator crashes down. They're all gone! You're still going to die out here, but you saved the world again. You hear a voice over your comms. It's Captain Myers! There are ships landing. Head towards them!
You approach the ship to discover it's the private yacht of the new CEO of Pandora Haze. They say she never shows her face. Maxine approaches you, but there's red coral growing in her eyes. Guards drag Jody away. Maxine thanks you for taking care of the competition. You're back with Pandora Haze – where you belong.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
EM Williams
Jody Marsh (Runner 4)
Jennifer Tan
Dr. Maxine Myers
Sally Orrock
Andrew Futaishi
Elliott Gresswell
Ella Watts
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam