Jeffro Complex: 20K

Follow up the lead Professor Van Ark gave you.

Note: You don't need to run this 20K mission in one go – you can stop it at any point and resume later.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
In a breach of the Major's rules, Doctor Myers will be accompanying you today. You're heading out to investigate the remains of Simpson's Cornershop
Sam is convinced there'll be nothing left to look at after the fire. Maxine tells him she may be able to reconstruct some of the setup.
Maxine asks Runner 8 for her impressions of Van Ark, specifically how trustworthy he seemed. Runner 8 asks if the motive behind this is Paula.
Sam identifies three jeeps carrying around 40 people. Runner 8 thinks its likely a raiding party, but points out that they're not heading for Abel.
In the distance, you hear a voice trying to get your attention. Runner 8 spots him: he's made camp near the burned-out building and is wielding a rifle.
After escaping the zombies, the man with the rifle introduces himself as Ephraim. Runner 8 plans a distraction so Maxine can investigate the cornershop ruins.
On Ephraim’s radio, you overhear Nadia telling her Runners 5 and 20 that there are 130 people en route to the Jeffro Complex from New Canton.
You set off for Jeffro to learn about the research done there and to warn them about New Canton, despite Sam’s counter-arguments.
There are soldiers in all directions. Runner 8 gives Maxine the option to go back to Abel, but your route home has been cut off by zoms.
Ephraim asks if you're armed. He then offers some guns he and his sister, Patty, picked up during the outbreak. Runner 8 accepts his offer.
A radio broadcast from Nadia alerts you to New Canton soldiers about a mile ahead of you. Ephraim suggests you take a detour to avoid them.
Ephraim is suspicious of Runner 8’s interest in his weapons cache and hurries you out ASAP. As you leave, she whispers to you that "you know what to do".
Ephraim tells you about his history with the Jeffro Complex. They used to pay him and his sister to gather food and supplies for them.
Ephraim warns you not to approach the Jeffro main gate in case they shoot you. Doctor Myers wonders why a research station would shoot visitors.
Ephraim leads you through a break in Jeffro's defences. Once you're inside, a trap is sprung, but Runner 8 has a handy flashbang up her sleeve.
Doctor Myers and Runner 8 agree that they've just seen Van Ark. Alive, and with a healed bite wound on his arm.
As you continue your escape, you hear Paula’s voice. She tells you to look in through the skylight.
As you look inside, you see a series of cryo freezers containing people, connected to medical equipment cleaning their blood, including Ephraim's sister.
Your escape is thwarted by soldiers guarding the perimeter of the base. You double back in an attempt to find another way out.
As Van Ark threatens you with a worse fate than zombification, you hear a distant explosion. In the ensuing confusion, Runner 8 bids you run.
You escape. A New Canton Runner and ex-colleague of Van Ark introduces herself as the cause of the explosions, but admits that the professor escaped.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Olga Leon
Base Soldier
Six to Start Ensemble
Graham Hornsby
Dr. Maxine Myers
Sally Orrock
Nadia al Hannaki
Jennifer Tan
Paula Cohen
Victoria Grove
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Sara Smith (Runner 8)
Clare Kissane
Van Ark
Philip Jennings
Naomi Alderman
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman