Plasmapheresis: 20K

Join New Canton's preemptive attack on Jeffro Complex.

Note: You don't need to run this 20K mission in one go – you can stop it at any point and resume later.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You are en route to the Jeffro Complex with Archie; you'll be dropped about 5k away to avoid being spotted. Your job is to plant some "two-in-one devices".
Nadia reminds Archie that she'll be running ahead to keep your path clear to plant the six devices around the perimeter of the Jeffro Complex.
You find out one of the devices’ functions is to act as microphones, allowing the council at New Canton to hear what's happening inside Jeffro.
Archie needs to head off west to get closer to Jeffro, but you should stay on your current path.
You plant the first device. Nadia patches you in to the audio coming from the mic. You hear Van Ark's voice; he's insisting to be put through to a woman.
You hear a conversation between Van Ark and Paula. He's asking her how long the treatment will go on for. She tells him it could be indefinite.
As you place the second device, you overhear two soldiers from Jeffro discussing the "people in fridges". One refers to them as "half-zombies".
You overhear Paula asking Van Ark for more supplies. He tells her to stop complaining, and that she's getting what she wants out of their arrangement.
Archie warns you of some guards to your right. You sneak past them successfully, placing the third device in the process.
Archie warns you that you've been spotted. Nadia confirms this. She instructs you to head into the trees, luring the guards with you
Snipers take out the guards. Nadia tells you to circle through the woods while they check to make sure the guards didn't inform anyone of your location.
Nadia confirms that the guards informed no one, and that the audio they reviewed mentioned Abel Runners, who will cause a useful distraction.
Your surroundings seem unnaturally quiet, but Nadia urges you on. She'll keep relaying any interesting audio she picks up.
You overhear Van Ark accusing Paula of deliberately slowing down research into a cure for the zombie virus. She replies by saying she needs it as much as him.
Soldiers within the base are searching for runners from Abel Township. Nadia instructs you to place the fifth device, then continue on your path.
Van Ark reveals that his plan is to attack New Canton to erase any evidence of his involvement in the outbreak.
Nadia instructs you to head to the final drop zone in order to place the last bomb, so that you'll be ready to detonate when a decision is made.
Archie wants to help the Abel runners stuck inside, since you are fighting the same enemy. Despite her disbelief, Nadia gives the Abel runners time to escape.
Nadia guides you in to trigger the device as you overhear Van Ark gloating that he's cornered the Abel runners.
Nadia reports that the council agree with your actions, and that New Canton hope Abel will join with them one day, but the Major is preventing the union.


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Olga Leon
Base Soldier
Six to Start Ensemble
Base Soldier 2
Six to Start Ensemble
Dr. Maxine Myers
Sally Orrock
Nadia al Hannaki
Jennifer Tan
Paula Cohen
Victoria Grove
Sara Smith (Runner 8)
Clare Kissane
Van Ark
Philip Jennings
Naomi Alderman
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman