Training Mission 2

Investigating Lady Alianor Tilney-Bowers' grave gets out of hand.


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Janine, Gina, Matthew, Jennifer, Rosie and you are running to the grave of the first of the killers: Lady Alianor Tilney-Bowers. Her gravestone is inscribed with symbols that should indicate where the next victim will be killed.
You get to the chapel as Matthew tells you stories about Dukes and Duchesses past. Sam spots lights from inside the monastry over the headcam, and you find zombies in cassocks and habits inside. While you run, Gina tells you she wants to talk to you in private.
You run through the chapel, the zombies hot on your heels, as Rose, Gina and Matthew inform you of their roles within the Investigators. Jennifer is caught by a zombie priest, and accidentally knocks over a candelabra in her bid to escape, setting the priest's cassock on fire and soon the whole chapel.
Due to the fire, while you've got out to the cemetery at the back, Janine is trapped at the front of the chapel, and Sam can't get a hold of anyone else from your group. While you search for the gravestone, Sam tells you that he's found out that Gina was a detective for the Metropolitan Police working on a murder case in Abel Village. She cuts into your private channel to tell you that she knows the identity of the killer and to meet her at the copse of trees in the far corner of the cemetery so she can tell you.
You run to the copse, only to find Gina's body. She's been stabbed, so the killer must have been listening into your comms somehow. Matthew arrives and insists you check the crypt, as it's too close now to give up. You find the carving of a mill wheel, but the zombies are closing in so you need to run.
You meet Janine at the front of the chapel, and you and she go to meet Sam in the comms van. But, instead, you find the tires have been slashed and Sam is missing. A note in the van tells you that he has been captured by the Tilney-Bowers heir, and you have until midnight to save him.


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Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman
Zombies, Run! Writing Team