Training Mission 1

A message from an old friend calls you to visit the city of the future. But is there something rotten in New Oban?


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You listen to a message from Halima, who begs you to come to New Oban to help her. You're nearly at the New Oban walls. Sam says that Halima used to message him on Rofflenet frequently to keep in touch, but six months ago New Oban went silent, until this message arrived a week ago. Keep following the railway tracks to reach your rendezvous.
You enter a railway tunnel and encounter massive rats. You reach the experimental train that brought Halima to New Oban but it's been stripped for parts. Sam warns you about some zombies – better speed up!
You're heading for the driver's compartment, but it looks like you have zoms in front of you as well as behind. You climb through the broken window and onto the train. You reach the driver's compartment and find an envelope with a message from Halima. You tune into the frequency she gave and finally hear from her! She's left you a security pass to get into New Oban. Climb out through the windscreen and get moving!
You reach New Oban station and get inside the city using the security pass. You see a New Oban citizen dragged away by Marshalls for breaking curfew - with a punishment of ten years in prison! Halima says New Oban had been great to live in until zombies breached the walls six months ago. The Governors promoted a new High Marshal and put the city under military rule. People just vanish. You'll need to keep out of sight!
Halima's neighbour got her into the resistance, but he had to leave. Run for the alley ahead. Halima will come and meet you.
You catch up with Halima, who says her daughter Amala is missing. Nine days ago, Halima went to pick her up from nursery, only to find an empty building, as though nothing had ever been there, and no record that Amala had existed. You hear a message from the Marshalls announcing everyone in a nearby apartment block is under arrest. You hear gunfire and see them drag out a young boy of Amala's age. You have to find out what's going on!


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Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman
Zombies, Run! Writing Team