Training Mission 1

Your first mission for the European Rescue Force has a bit of everything: high tech equipment, hostage rescuing, and a strange quarantined area...


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Sandy, your operator, introduces you to your European Rescue Force team mates: Jamie, Begsy and Tink. For your first mission together you'll be rescuing a hostage from a quarantined hospital - using exo-suits!
Using your exo-suits the team enters the hospital by climbing up the wall! Jamie sets off a smoke trap, so you'll need to use your thermal imaging masks to progress further.
Before you can go any further, Sandy stops you: there are trip wires ahead. Time to break out more ERF tech and use drones to disarm the traps.
Once again the hostage taker has laid a trap, this time in the form of a dirty bomb. The team can't risk setting it off, so you'll have to go around it, through the quarantined ward...
Inside the quarantined ward you find that this virus is stranger than anyone on the team first thought. One person seems to have survived against the odds, but there's no time to stop and help.
You've now got a visual on the hostage taker, who's dangling her hostage out of a window. Jamie plans to try to talk to her, while you and Begsy prepare to catch the hostage, using your exo-suits, as a backup plan.
The hostage taker yells about conspiracy theories surrounding the virus at the hospital, until she's taken out by a shot from a drone. You and Begsy catch the hostage. Mission accomplished, it's time to hurry to your next assignment!


Cast listings may contain spoilers
James Dallimore
Hostage Taker
Suzie Grimsdick
Jamie Skeet
Chris Rochester
Matt Ian Kelly
Jess Nesling
Naomi Alderman
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman