Training Mission 1

Doctor Tomorrow's PRISER tech could feed the world, but getting to it won't be so easy...


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You arrive at Tomorrow Enterprises, home of Dr. Tomorrow, who has pledged her PRISER gene-editing device to help Abel create superwheat that will alleviate post-apocalypse food shortages. Dr. Tomorrow informs you that you'll need employee t-shirts in order to access Tomorrow Island, the exclusive resort populated by hybrid animals where the PRISER device is being kept.
You enter the Tomorrow Enterprises facility, discovering that it has been heavily dirtied by Dr Tomorrow's "smarter crows". Jody steps on a pile of tiny bones in a doorway. After finding only two employee shirts in a locker, you reroute to the print shop on the other side of the campus to source more.
You arrive at the print shop, and find the shirts you were looking for. Alarmingly, the only zombie on the entire campus manages to track you down, so you must flee quickly.
Sam realises the crows are using the little piles of bones to track where you are by listening out for the sound of you stepping on them. The crows are driving the zombie towards you by pecking it. You head to a stairwell which will lead out of the building, but the way is blocked by crows. You divert to an emergency stairwell.
You make it to the stairwell, with the crow-driven-zombie in hot pursuit, battering at the door to the stairwell. Maxine realises that the crows are attacking the employee shirts specifically. Jody sacrifices her shirt to create a decoy to distract the crows and allow you all to escape.
You escape the facility. Dr Tomorrow informs you all that what waits on the island is much worse than the crows. Jody realises she won't be able to join you on the mission to Tomorrow Island, as she's now missing her employee t-shirt.


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Dr. Tomorrow
EM Williams
Jody Marsh (Runner 4)
Jennifer Tan
Dr. Maxine Myers
Sally Orrock
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman
Zombies, Run! Writing Team