Here Comes The Rain Again

Ian will stop at nothing to track down his supplies thief, and keep order, so Steve hatches a plan.


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Ian's decided to rope you in for his own mission: track down the person(s) stealing supplies from Abel. He'll use his journalistic skills to lie in wait for the culprits at their rendezvous point.
Abel's new boss wants to show you what he's really made of. When a girl guide arrives he orders you to chase her down for him.
'Unfortunately' your quarry escapes, and Ian is not pleased. Someone will pay for this disappointment, but not you, because you're the Minister's favourite. You run back to Abel behind Ian in his golf cart.
On your return to Abel Ian's already been ranting about the thief for some time. Owen tries to calm him down, but it's no good. Ian thinks Owen's a traitor, and traitors are shot, immediately.
You and Steve comply with Ian's wish to get a gurney to remove Owen's body. It's bad timing, but Steve has a plan; he'll admit to being the traitor as a distraction, while you get the things you'll need to enter Abel's labs.
Back in the square everyone's in shock. Steve directs all of Ian's rage onto himself by confessing to stealing. Crimes require punishment, and Ian has an idea involving Dr Lobatse.
Cameo finds you on your way back from fetching Dr Lobatse. She was hoping you'd be able to miss out on Ian's punishment of Steve, but it's being broadcast on loud speaker. Ian wants Dr Lobatse to torture Steve the same way she did a warlord in Darfur.
You search Ian's hideaway in the woods with Cameo for the key Steve mentioned, and find it tucked into a windowsill. Cameo hopes that once you lock the labs Sigrid will lose her interest in Abel.
Back at the square again, you arrive just in time to see Ian get a last few good hits in on Steve before getting bored and walking off. Once he's gone you help Dr Lobatse get Steve to the medical centre.


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Natalie Neagle
Ian Golightly
Jonathan Leinmuller
Dr. Kefilwe Lobatse
Madeleine Brolly
Natasha Staples
Nadia al Hannaki
Jennifer Tan
Owen Landia (Runner 6)
Francis Beresford
Steve "The Builder" Sissay
Adam Lannon
Naomi Alderman
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman