Hungry Like The Wolf

On a mission to pick up information from a Netrophil dead-drop you run straight into trouble...


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Now you're back at Noah base Janine needs to update you on the new regulations, starting with Much to Sam's relief the alarm goes off and you absolutely have to leave to meet a courier.
After meeting up with Paula she, Sam and Maxine fill you in on what's been happening since you left. You're heading to a Netrophil dead-drop called "The Laundry" to pick up some information.
Maxine and Paula geek out about numbers while wondering what "The Laundry" is. You and Paula have picked up some zoms, but a McShell Manoeuvre should get rid of them.
Sam arrives to take over comms while Maxine feeds Sara. He thinks it's almost like the old days, except for the part where the Minister wants to kill your little group of rebels.
Continuing your catch up, Paula's amazed at how you gained the Minister's trust. The conversation's cut short as Sam picks up some Ministry soldiers close by. This situation requires Janine.
You can't lose the trust of your allies by aborting the mission, so a distraction is in order. Tom and Jody use special arrows to trick the soldiers and leave the way to the laundrette clear.
Just within sight of the laundrette you and Paula are forced to stop... it's full of Ministry soldiers.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Janine de Luca
Eleanor Rushton
Jody Marsh (Runner 4)
Jennifer Tan
Dr. Maxine Myers
Sally Orrock
Paula Cohen
Victoria Grove
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Tom de Luca
Alex Harland
Naomi Alderman
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman