Inspector Norse

As heists go, breaking into a royal residence with the help of the king is certainly unusual


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Under cover of darkness, you and Ellie sneak into the grounds of a royal residence where the Viking artefact is being kept. The Union Jack's flying, meaning King Jamie is here!
You and Ellie scale a trellis up to Jamie's rooms while Sam, Maxine and Runner 7 reminisce about Sara Smith. Jamie's not very happy to see you, as you're taking a big risk, but he'll still help.
Jamie's a big help for avoiding the guards, and he leads you to a closed off, slightly cheesy, Viking exhibit. Unfortunately the fake costumes disguise real zombies, and they've noticed you.
Jamie does not want to talk about his treatment at the hands of the Ministry. He's more concerned about your current lack of home, and finding this artefact.
Ellie finds the entrance to a secret room containing the Viking armlet. You also now know where Netrophil's previous leader disappeared to... she turned grey inside the room!
The armlet you've found is incredibly intricate, joined together like a puzzle and can also produce musical notes. There's also a place name written on it in Medieval Finnish, and Jamie has a map for that.
An ancient map points to the place on the armlet being a tiny cave in northern Finland. Jamie decides to stay and continue doing his royal duties, but does offer you his plane. How else will you get to Finland?


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Ellie Maxted
Rosalyn Mitchell
Evan Deaubl (Runner 7)
Stephen Guy Daltry
Jamie Skeet
Chris Rochester
Dr. Maxine Myers
Sally Orrock
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Rebecca Levene
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman