Disguised as Exmoor Militia you run distraction in New Canton while Janine goes after the real prize: the Minister's fuel dump.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Today you're leading the Minister's soldiers away from their fuel dump, using some strategic explosions and disguised as Exmoor Militia. This should give Janine enough time to take the fuel.
Peter's with you on this run as you head through a sewage works. He wonders why you specifically need the Minister's fuel supply when you could just go to a petrol station.
You use New Canton's new no weapons policy to keep up the chase without getting shot at. In the market you're spotted again, so it's time to pick up the pace.
As only a third of the fuel's been siphoned off you'll need to run distraction for while longer. Sam points out a route to your meeting point with Jody, through an old refrigeration unit, hidden behind a novelty teapot stall.
You and Peter arrive at the shooting gallery to pick up some guns Jody's smuggled in. Unfortunately the Minister's soldiers have had the same idea. To avoid casualties you'll have to leave the way Jody came in.
Jody's objection to returning the way she came in has nothing to do with zombies. Sam has an escape plan that will also maintain your cover as Exmoor Militia.
The plan works and the Ministry and Exmoor Militia are distracted by each other, allowing you to escape. Your luck has to run out some time though; Peter tells you he overheard there's a bounty on your heads.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Janine de Luca
Eleanor Rushton
Jody Marsh (Runner 4)
Jennifer Tan
New Canton Guard
Six to Start Ensemble
Peter Lynne
Will Green
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Sigrid Soldier
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Stall Holder
Six to Start Ensemble
Rebecca Levene
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman