Liar Liar

Sam's got hold of the un-edited Ministry documentary about Abel. It's as terrible as expected.


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Ian prepares for his big debut in a tell-all radio documentary, but as this is a rough cut Peter's acquired, you can hear all Ian's lovely little asides still left in there.
The first section of this documentary warns about that dangerous menace to society... Sam Yao. Or, as Ian exclusively reveals, the notorious leader of Netrophil.
As a trustworthy member of the community, Amelia Spens has been drafted into this project as a character witness for Janine 'architect of the zombie plague' DeLuca.
Next up it's Phil and Zoe's time in the spotlight. Ian reveals how they were used as a distraction from the anti-government propaganda people were being fed over the radio.
It seems Ian had a bit of trouble getting the truth out of Veronica, but after a little sound engineering magic Viv stitches together a usable clip.
To finish the documentary all the stops are pulled out, with none other than King Jamie's testimony. He's a little reluctant to tell all though, so Ian helps to persuade him.
Jamie still can't quite bring himself to read his statement, but Ian's got what he needed and the documentary's sounding good. That's a wrap.


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Harriet Madeley
Bad Janine
Six to Start Ensemble
Bad Jody
Six to Start Ensemble
Bad Phil
Six to Start Ensemble
Bad Sam
Six to Start Ensemble
Bad Zoe
Six to Start Ensemble
Ian Golightly
Jonathan Leinmuller
Jamie Skeet
Chris Rochester
Veronica McShell
Aislynn De'Ath
Naomi Alderman
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman