Abel Township Saga Season 2

NOTE: We recommend that you play the Race Missions before starting Season 2. Pursued by fast zombies. Surrounded by Van Ark's soldiers. On a dangerous mission, your operator on your headset. Business as usual, unless there's something you don't know...
A mission with a New Canton runner? Sounds like trouble. But when a horde of zoms attack in force, you'll find out just who your real friends are.
Dr Myers wants your help to test a radical new anti-zombie agent. The experiment might provide much-needed hope for Abel - as long as it works.
There are worse things than zoms in the post-apocalyptic world. Living people are capable of shocking savagery too - as you're about to find out.
A key resident of Abel is missing, presumed dead. Not everyone's given up hope, though, and a crucial clue may finally have been unearthed.
You've spent the night in a stately home, but the eccentric residents aren't there to pamper you. There are zombies to hunt - and secrets to uncover.
You're under siege, the zoms are closing in, and no amount of stiff upper lips can keep you safe. Abel's sending help, but will it arrive in time?
A joint mission with New Canton could finally put Abel on the path to recovery.
A crucial peace summit. A sneak attack by Van Ark. A potential break-through in the war against the zombies. It's going to be a busy day.
Phil has taken over from Nadia on comms; he guides your mission to Lem's house.
Locate the children that Lem was looking out for before his death.
Save the children from the swarm of zombies by the school.
When a huge ship runs aground on the coast, it's up to you to lead a rescue mission. You'll be racing against both the tide and the undead to reach the survivors in time.
Led by Runner 8, the runners navigate their way through the ship in an attempt to rescue the few remaining Aurora survivors.
You and Runner 8 set off on a mission to help Maxine learn a little more about how dog whistles affect the fast zoms.
You peel off from a large group of decoy runners to explore a small plant and lab facility believed to belong to Van Ark.
Jamie joins Runner 5 on a mission to plant transponders in order to triangulate Archie's position and save her from Van Ark.
Having triangulated Archie's whereabouts, Sam, Janine, Maxine and Jamie work together to save her from Van Ark.
Pick up the ingredients for a sealant to contain a spill at Abel.
Runner 8 reveals that today's mission is to the biolab underneath Abel; it's time Runner 5 learns a little more about Project Greenshoot.
Reactivate and gather stats from the weather station for Major de Santa.
Sam guides you on a mission to follow up some intel he's received about Van Ark's men.
You’ve crossed Van Ark too often: now he’s out for revenge. He means to annihilate Abel, and he has the army of mind-controlled zombies to do it.
You're New Canton Runner 5, and you're a long way from home. There are secrets and lies in the Big Smoke, and you'll need to think fast to survive.
Sometimes you need to think about what's been lost. Sometimes, you just don't get the chance.
You're on the right tracks, it's full steam ahead... and yet somehow you still have to run.
You're in bandit country, guarding a cargo that's vital to the future of Abel - and high noon is approaching.
A thriving local settlement has turned into a ghost town. What secrets lurk in its silent streets?
Carrying a child straight through dangerous territory doesn't sound like a great idea - but what choice do you have?
Abel's gates have been breached, and the raiders will kill to get what they want.
Doctor Myers has a theory - and she wants a little company along the way, just to test it out.
You've got to know when you're beaten. And when it's time to do exactly as you're told.
Your most ruthless enemy is on your trail, zoms are all around and Abel's future depends on your return. Run!
Is the end of the zombie plague finally in sight? Don't even say it, you might jinx it.
The Major has a top secret mission for you and a select bunch of Abel runners. She's chosen you for a reason.
Deserted by your friends and surrounded by your enemies, it seems all hope is lost. Only one person stands between you and certain death.
Will you help with a prison break? And can you trust the prisoners or the guards?
Abel doesn't give up on its runners, so prepare for a great escape.
When chasing down a pair of deadly escapees, you'll have to move fast to make sure you're not the one who gets caught.
A mission to a hidden base uncovers more than the undead. Is it a secret someone will kill to keep?
A traitor's been unmasked, but Abel's problems aren't over - and Van Ark will go to any lengths to get his mole back.
Betrayal by a friend and handed over to your greatest enemy, it seems you've finally run out of luck.
Everyone in Abel is in mortal danger - and that isn't your biggest problem. A friend's going grey and a traitor's out for blood.
Months of planning have led to this, and Van Ark may finally face justice for everything he's done. No pressure, but it's all up to you.
As New Canton's Runner 5, your mission to London has left you hunted, friendless and trapped underground.

Side Missions

Contact's been established with Canada! And on the other end of the line is a famous voice. But has the end of the world driven the renowned Canadian out of her mind?
When Janine de Luca accompanies you on a mission, you know it must be vital. She's tracking down survivors of the zombie plague - but not everyone trusts her motives...
When a collapsed building fills the streets with lethal shamblers and sneaky crawlers it's up to you and Runner 3 to put your baseball bats to good use...
You're caught in the middle as a journalist in pursuit of a hot story meets a horde of zombies in pursuit of fresh brains.
A pop princess is mobbed by adoring undead fans. You might just be the hero she's holding out for.
Janine is running a test of Abel's structural defences - it is up to Runners 4 and 5 to keep the real zoms away from the fake ones.
Runner 7 launches a top-secret mission, and he's determined to have you by his side. Just what is he hiding and what could it mean for Abel?
Jack and Eugene need your help to track down the elusive girl guides, but just who will end up rescuing whom?
During the first annual Abel/New Canton boat race, the zombies decide they want in on the race. Row for your life!
It's Sleepless in Abel as Dr Myers sends you on a high-altitude mission with an ulterior motive.
Time to cool down from your run, and Sam's still on hand to help - unless his obsession with defeating Janine gets the better of him.
You owe the girl guides for saving your life, and this is where you start paying - in sweat.
Some very sinister types have kidnapped your target, and you'll need to take some big risks to save her.
Sam's too sick to help and Runner 3's too obsessed with the past to care. Looks like it's up to you to get Dr Myers what she needs.
An eccentric bomb maker has offered Abel his services, and he wants a guinea pig for his experiments. Guess who's been volunteered?
Prepare for a change of pace as you take to your wheels, but get peddling - the zoms don't intend to give you a free ride.

Halloween Missions

You know that one song you just can't get out of your head? It's almost certainly a good idea to try to track down the last known recording of it.
Out on a run to get vital Halloween supplies, is that the sound of clip-clopping hooves you hear? Probably not, right?
Sam's yearning for some food for his childhood. Chinatown's been quiet for months. Perhaps a little too quiet.