Thor and Loki: Trials of the Ten Realms

Run alongside Thor and Loki to save the Ten Realms from a mysterious threat that warps the very fabric of the universe! This series features the same story as Thor and Loki’s 5K Training, adapted for people who are already comfortable running.

Trials of the Ten Realms

Welcome to the Ratatoskr Running Club, where you'll train for the Dragonfang Challenge! Don't worry about the dark clouds on the horizon. Everything is under control.
Loki needs your help to steal a powerful treasure that only mortals can reach. Don't worry – there's absolutely no chance you could get caught!
Asgard's warriors may have some misconceptions about how much a mortal can withstand!
Your fall finally ends, but where have you landed and what horrors await you?
A missing shard is within your grasp, but Loki's past may be catching up with you!
With the shard in your possession, all you must do is leave Alfheim – but that might be easier said than done.
Escape from the dimensional snarl lands you in a new realm with new dangers. A clan of dwarves is on your trail, and they have a score to settle.
Mirror repairs don't come cheap, and the Dwarves have plenty of work for you to do.
The hunt for a vital material to repair the mirror leads you to the caverns of Skornheim, but the route is treacherous.
With the mirror repaired, you're ready to leave Nidavellir, but perhaps that bad luck is catching up with you!